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What happens after my attorney and I resolve my workers’ comp case?

One of the benefits of being an Atlanta workers compensation attorney is maintaining a relationship with my clients. I often like to check in with clients a few weeks, months, or even years after they’ve resolved their case and, hopefully, moved on to new vocations or educational opportunities that their bodies will allow after their  … Read more

the Latin American Association’s “Latina Empowerment” conference

Many of our clients over the years have been from the Latino/Latina community, and we’re lucky to have a bilingual paralegal who helps with communicating with native Spanish speakers.  Last weekend, Michael Moebes, Angelica Rosso, and Tatiana Bush attended the Latina Empowerment conference, as Moebes Law LLC was an exhibiting sponsor. This was the organization’s  … Read more

Moebes Law nominated for “Best Legal Blog” by The Expert Institute!

Atlanta, GA – The readers have spoken – Moebes Law has been selected to compete in The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Competition. From a field of more than 2,000 potential nominees, Moebes Law has received enough nominations to join the 250 legal blogs participating in one of the largest competitions for legal blog writing online today. Now  … Read more

Georgia Workers’ Comp Lawyer Michael Moebes Profiled on

Any successful attorney who has become a sole practitioner in the past few years has likely prefaced his or her “going solo” by regularly reading Carolyn Elefant’s blog, The sharp ones continue to read it to stay abreast of trends in law practice management and marketing. After being profiled in one of her books last year, Michael  … Read more

“The Compulator” app is now available for Android phones

Atlanta injury attorney Michael Moebes has released the well-received Compulator app for Google Android phones this week. Previously, the litigation tool was only available for iPhones and iPads. You can download the ‘Droid version of the Compulator app here. Features include a date calculator that figures the number of weeks between dates; this assists in totaling past due workers’  … Read more

Moebes recognized by Avvo as top Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer is a website that provides a forum for laypersons to ask questions that qualified  attorneys can answer.  The site also has a rating system based on factors such as experience, expertise, speaking and writing engagements, peer reviews, client reviews, etc.  The highest rating an attorney can receive is a 10.0, and this rating has been  … Read more

What are the differences between Georgia Injury Law, Criminal Law, and Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law?

The law is intimidating and confusing to most normal people (but not me, because I’m exceedingly brilliant). Because I am mostly an awesome guy, I like to help others. Because I love the law, I want you fine people to be as familiar with and comfortable with it as possible. That’s a big part of  … Read more