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The Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyers at Moebes Law specialize in representing victims of serious on the job injuries. If you need workers’ compensation for your catastrophic work injury, contact our experienced lawyers.

A catastrophic injury at work changes everything. Workers’ compensation may be available to you. You must follow the right steps to receive it. Our lawyers can represent you through the entire process. Contact us by phone or send us a message for a consultation about your case.

Lawyers for Catastrophic Injury Workers’ Compensation

Getting the appropriate workers’ compensation benefits is especially important when you have a severe or catastrophic injury. The victim may receive medical treatment including reasonable rehabilitation services. Because of the significant benefits that are likely involved, the insurance company may aggressively fight the case. However, our lawyers work for your interests and the compensation you deserve.

In Georgia, a catastrophic injury is a special designation in a workers’ compensation claim. There are specific criteria in the law for having an injury categorized as catastrophic. For victims who have a qualifying injury, they may access benefits without limitations that apply in less serious circumstances.

As lawyers for catastrophic injury workers’ compensation, we represent you in all aspects of your case. Our team can confidently identify when an injury is catastrophic. We evaluate the benefits you are receiving. If you need to request a hearing or take other action to enforce your rights, we file your claim and represent your interests.

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Recovering for a Catastrophic Injury at Work

Suffering a catastrophic injury on the job may entitle you to workers’ compensation. The benefits that the person may receive include:

  • Medical care without cost or copays
  • Rehabilitation
  • Incidental costs to travel to medical appointments
  • Income benefits for life

What is a catastrophic injury?

A catastrophic injury is physical harm that significantly affects a person’s life and functioning. The injuries are severe. Because of their nature, they prevent the person from working and living their life in the way they could have before.

Quite simply, if someone suffers a catastrophic injury on the job, their life is never going to be the same. Their career is likely over, or it must change significantly.

Definition of catastrophic injury in Georgia workers’ compensation law

Georgia workers’ compensation law defines catastrophic injury. It includes the following injuries:

  1. Spinal cord injury that causes severe paralysis of the trunk or a limb
  2. Loss of body part, including amputation
  3. Brain injury, closed head injury
  4. Sensory or motor disturbances, if severe
  5. Communication difficulties
  6. Brain and cerebral function disruption
  7. Loss of consciousness
  8. Neurological disorders
  9. Health conditions at least as severe are other listed catastrophic injuries
  10. Second or third degree burns that cover 25%+ of the body, or third degree burns covering 5%+ of the face or hands
  11. Blindness
  12. Other injury that prevents the employee from performing substantial work

See O.C.G.A. § 34-9-200.1 (2010).

For all types of injuries, the impact on the person’s life must be severe for the injury to be catastrophic. It must prevent them from working. The impact of the harm must be such that the person can’t work in any capacity in a job that is available in large numbers in the national job market.

Insurance companies often hire expert witnesses to litigate these issues. Their opinion may be subjective, since they’re offering an opinion and not just a diagnosis. However, when we represent you, we are prepared to respond. We understand the qualifications for catastrophic injury, and we gather the evidence and arguments needed to challenge the insurance company and their attempt to deny your benefits.

How does workers’ compensation work for catastrophic injuries in Georgia?

Workers’ compensation works differently for catastrophic injury in Georgia compared to other types of claims. Benefit limits that apply in other workers’ compensation claims do not apply. There are no limits to the amount of time the person may receive medical care or weekly income benefits.

Rehabilitation services may also be provided. Rehabilitation services can cover a variety of needs including vocational retraining.

Catastrophic Work Injury Lawyers Near You, Serving Atlanta

The injured worker must prove their right to compensation. For victims with severe injury, it’s critically important to follow the right steps. Moebes Law is a team of catastrophic work injury lawyers near you, serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We know the unique procedural and evidentiary issues that you must navigate to reach the appropriate result in your case. We are prepared to handle everything on your behalf.

When you need experienced representation, our lawyers are here to serve your interests.

About Our Legal Representation

Moebes Law proudly represents injured workers. People often come to us frustrated and scared. It’s our goal to handle everything legally so that you can focus on rest and recovery.

When we represent you, you can expect:

  • Understanding of how Georgia workers’ compensation law addresses catastrophic injury claims
  • Working for the appropriate designation of the injury
  • Knowledge of the benefits due to the victim of a catastrophic injury
  • Preparation of a legal strategy to pursue your interests
  • Document preparation and requesting the appropriate hearings
  • Honest advice about your rights and what to expect from the case
  • Free consultations for all new clients
  • No out-of-pocket costs paid by you, and payment for our services only if you get paid
  • Communication with you throughout the case, and answers to your questions

Moebes Law is rated by Super Lawyers. We’ve also been named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers. When a catastrophic injury occurs, you need experienced representation that gives your case the special attention needed to address your serious injuries and rights to benefits.

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