Worker's Compensation Medical Treatment

Injured on the job? You have the right to receive medical benefits under Georgia workers’ compensation law. Contact Moebes Law for a consultation regarding your claim.

Healthcare Benefits for Injured Workers

If you are injured on the job, you have important rights. One of the rights you have is the right to healthcare benefits. You should receive medical care at no cost. It’s the least you should get after sustaining an injury trying to do your job.

Workers’ compensation medical benefits are an important part of your rights. It’s important to know how these benefits work, how to claim them, and what to do if you do not get the benefits you should receive. The Moebes Law firm explains workers’ compensation medical benefits.

What are workers’ compensation medical benefits?

Workers’ compensation medical benefits are your right to receive paid healthcare because of an on-the-job injury, or because of an injury that arises out of the course and scope of your employment.

Is medical care completely free?

If you use an authorized healthcare provider and comply with the terms of your treatment, medical care is provided at no cost to the injured employee.

Are illnesses covered?

An illness may qualify for workers’ compensation medical benefits if the illness arises from the victim’s work.

Do you have to pay a co-pay to receive workers’ compensation medical benefits?

No. Workers’ compensation medical benefits are provided to the victim with no co-pays. Private health insurance is not involved or required if you use an authorized healthcare provider for your medical treatment.

Receiving Workers’ Compensation Medical Care

Who is my workers’ compensation doctor?

The employer must provide a list of at least six doctors for you to choose from, or a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization. There are exceptions, for example, if six physicians are not available.

What if I don’t like my workers’ compensation doctor?

If you don’t like your workers’ compensation doctor, you have the right to change to another doctor on the list once. You don’t need permission from the employer to do so.

Can I use my private doctor for my workers’ compensation treatment?

Unfortunately, no. To receive medical benefits, your workers’ compensation healthcare provider must be chosen from the options that your employer is required to provide.

I don’t have time to see a doctor listed – is emergency care covered?

Yes. If it’s an emergency, you may seek care from the nearest physician. When there’s an emergency medical situation, you don’t have to take the time to find an authorized provider. When the emergency is over, you must get treatment from an authorized provider on the employer’s list.

Is there a waiting period for workers’ compensation medical benefits?

No. You are covered from your very first day at work and the very first day that you are injured.

Claiming Your Medical Benefits

How do I get medical benefits through workers’ compensation?

You must report the injury to your employer to get medical benefits through workers’ compensation. Report the accident as soon as possible, but not more than 30 days after it occurs. Make the report to your immediate supervisor or another representative of your employer.

How long can I receive medical benefits on workers’ compensation?

For injuries that occur on or after July 1, 2013, you may receive medical benefits for a total of 400 weeks. You may continue to receive medical care, even after you reach maximum medical improvement (such as post-surgical pain management, for example). If your injuries are catastrophic, benefits may continue beyond 400 weeks.

Can I get medical benefits if I did not miss work?

Workers’ compensation medical benefits do not depend on whether you miss work. If you can continue working, you do not receive replacement income but are eligible for other benefits, including medical care.

What is covered under workers’ compensation medical benefits?

Workers’ compensation medical benefits may include:

  • Emergency, stabilizing care
  • Surgery
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Prescriptions
  • Home and over-the-counter medical devices
  • Travel to medical care
  • Physical therapy (in some cases)
  • Rehabilitation (if injuries are catastrophic)

Is occupational rehabilitation covered under workers’ compensation medical benefits?

Workers’ compensation covers occupational rehabilitation if injuries are catastrophic. Rehabilitation services enable the person to engage in a remunerative occupation. Career counseling, educational courses, consulting, on-the-job training, and wage assessments are just some of the things that may be included.

My medical benefits under workers’ compensation have been denied! What can I do?

If you disagree with the determination of your benefits under workers’ compensation, you may appeal them. You may file for a workers’ compensation hearing to have a judge determine your right to benefits.

If the insurance company denies your right to benefits, you can appeal their decision. Our lawyers can file your claim and represent you. There is a one-year time limit to request a hearing.

Can you get workers’ compensation medical benefits for a heart attack or stroke?

It’s difficult to get workers’ compensation medical benefits for a heart attack or stroke. You must prove that the medical condition occurred because of your job duties and nothing else; merely being stressed is not going to be enough!

I have a pre-existing condition. Can I still receive benefits?

You can receive workers’ compensation benefits if a pre-existing condition is made worse because of your employment. The employer must provide benefits until you have returned to the pre-injury condition. That said, some medical conditions must not be pre-existing, such as hernias.

If your employer has denied a workers’ compensation claim because of a pre-existing condition, you have the right to contest their decision. Our lawyers can help you evaluate the situation and preserve your legal rights.

Returning to Work and Termination of Benefits

What happens once my workers’ compensation medical benefits end?

When your workers’ compensation medical benefits end, you are entitled to compensation for any remaining permanent disability.

There are guidelines for how permanent partial disability compensation is determined.

What if I miss medical appointments while on workers’ compensation?

Your benefits may be terminated if you miss medical appointments while on workers’ compensation. It is important that you attend all medical appointments and follow your care plan.

Lawyers for Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits

Injured workers have the right to be paid medical benefits when they are hurt on the job. Receiving the benefits you deserve may mean the difference between getting back to your life and a long period of suffering. It can be hard to know what to do to receive your benefits and protect your rights. We can help.

At Moebes Law, we are experienced lawyers for workers’ compensation medical benefits. Let us help you claim the benefits that you deserve. Contact us today to start your case.



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