Atlanta Hospital Workplace Injuries

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Workers’ Compensation for Injured Hospital Employees

Hospital employees suffer work-related injury and illness at approximately twice the rate of private-industry workers overall. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are 5.5 work-related injuries and illnesses each year for every 100 full-time hospital workers. For individuals who are harmed, their right to workers’ compensation is critical.

(Source: United States Department of Labor, OSHA, Worker Safety in Hospitals)

Lawyers Representing Injured Hospital Workers

Have you been injured while working at a hospital? We are experienced lawyers representing individuals in workers’ compensation claims. In fact, Michael Moebes majored in health care management when an undergrad and spent over 20 years as a Medical Service Corps officer in the Air Force!

You may have the right to a range of benefits, including paid healthcare, wage replacement, partial disability compensation, and more. Don’t suffer without your benefits. Contact the Moebes Law firm to talk to our experienced team today.

Why are hospitals such a dangerous place for workers?

Causes of hospital worker injury and illness are:

  1. Biohazards and the presence of contagious disease
  2. Lifting and moving patients
  3. Lifting and moving supplies and items needed for care
  4. Instruments used in patient care that pose a risk, including needles
  5. Items in hallways that may cause trip and fall accidents
  6. The presence of individuals who may be combative or unable to control their movements
  7. Excessive hours and heavy patient loads, causing physical and mental fatigue

(Source: U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA, Top Hospital Workplace Injuries and OSHA Facts About Hospital Worker Safety)

Workers’ compensation may cover injury, illness, and disease. Physical harm that arises out of the scope and course of employment may be the basis for a claim.

Who May Receive Workers’ Compensation as an Injured Hospital Worker?

Anyone who requires medical care, misses seven or more days of work, or suffers a permanent injury in the course of hospital employment may qualify for workers’ compensation. Employees cover a range of professions and job duties within a medical facility:

  • Nurses, registered nurses
  • Nurse’s assistants
  • Doctors, physicians
  • Physician assistants
  • Technicians
  • Office staff and administrative personnel
  • Medical students, residents, and interns
  • Patient advocates, social workers
  • Emergency response workers
  • Food service workers
  • Custodial and sanitation professionals
  • Specialists
  • Therapists
  • Interpreters
  • Security personnel

There are many people who make a hospital operate. Any of these employees may claim benefits when they are hurt during their employment.

Compensation, Benefits, and Settlements for Injured Hospital Workers

An injured hospital worker needs medical care. If they miss work, they need financial support. They may also deserve compensation for a permanent partial disability, or ongoing benefits for a catastrophic injury.

Georgia laws that apply in Atlanta protect workers’ rights in several ways. These rights are designed to help them quickly and fairly access medical care, replacement pay, and a fair payout for permanent or catastrophic harm.

Our lawyers pursue your case in a personalized way for your situation. We fully understand legal procedures, and we customize your case plan for the unique issues presented in your case. We build your case and proceed to a hearing or negotiate a settlement based on a thorough understanding of what benefits you should receive.

Common Hospital Workplace Injuries

The physical hazards in healthcare cannot be understated. Common injuries in the hospital industry are:

  • Sprains, strains
  • Fractures
  • Bruising
  • Cuts
  • Punctures
  • Soreness and pain
  • Communicable disease
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injury
  • Skin disorders

Victims may receive medical care until they reach maximum medical improvement, up to a maximum number of weeks. The insurance company for the employer is required by law to offer a list of doctors or a designated healthcare group to provide care. If you disagree with their assessment, you may challenge their decision. Our lawyers can help you review the situation and respond effectively.

Experienced Lawyers – Professional Representation

A work-related injury or illness can change your life. The process of claiming workers’ compensation may be daunting. The employer may try to downplay the injury or discourage you from making a report. They may be trying to protect their safety record and avoid paying benefits. They may say things that are confusing or untrue.

Having our experienced lawyers representing you gives you a team of professionals on your side. Not only do we take the steps needed on your behalf, but we also guide you through the process with open communication, so you always know what comes next.

Committed to getting your life back on track

Making a claim can be an overwhelming, complex process. Our legal representation is complete, handling all steps needed. Some issues we may handle for you are:

  • Gathering medical evidence to show how the injury or illness resulted from work
  • Documenting your injuries
  • Getting second medical opinions and additional evidence
  • Responding to allegations of pre-existing conditions
  • Defending you if your employer accuses you of misconduct on the job to avoid paying benefits
  • Knowing what to do if you disagree with your doctor’s course of treatment
  • Challenging an inappropriate rating or pursuing a catastrophic injury designation
  • Understanding what your obligations are to preserve your right to benefits
  • Looking at the types of benefits available to ensure that your claim is complete
  • Filing your paperwork to request a hearing
  • Building the evidence and legal arguments; challenging the other side’s case
  • Negotiating a settlement and identifying what an appropriate settlement should be

Moebes Law has been rated by Super Lawyers and named a Top 25 Workers’ Compensation Trial Lawyers firm by the National Trial Lawyers. We are members of the American Association for Justice. Our team has the resources and knowledge to pursue your case. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

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