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Attorneys for Workplace Assault and Violence in Atlanta

We are a team of attorneys who represent victims of workplace violence. Our team can help you evaluate the situation and take action to protect your rights.

You deserve a workplace that is free of assault, harassment, and intimidation. If you are a victim, we can help. You may deserve financial compensation, and those who are responsible should be held accountable.

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Legal Help for Workplace Violence in Atlanta, GA

At Moebes Law, we are dedicated to ensuring that all workplace violence victims have their interests represented. We are a full-service law firm. When you need help getting the compensation you need when you are victimized, we are a devoted team of advocates.

Ways we can help you include:

  • Gathering facts and proofs – Interviewing witnesses, documenting what occurred, and preserving evidence
  • Talking to witnesses that are reluctant to talk
  • Evaluating what happened and legal rights you may pursue
  • Determining who may be legally liable
  • Understanding the amount of compensation you deserve
  • Drafting and filing legal documents
  • Engaging in discovery, including depositions and gathering workplace records
  • Negotiating your compensation
  • Appearing on your behalf in court

Our experienced team focuses on representing victims. Workplace violence can be personally and professionally upsetting. When you need aggressive and compassionate legal representation, Moebes Law is here to represent you.

Understanding Violence in the Workplace

OSHA describes workplace violence as “any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.” (OSHA, Workplace Violence).

Examples of workplace violence

Here are some examples of workplace violence:

  • A customer physically assaulting an employee
  • Harm committed by a supervisor, manager, or owner of the company
  • Assault by a contractor, business partner, or even a stranger
  • Employee harming another employee
  • Domestic violence, where someone targets the worker for reasons that are not related to their job
  • Intimidation of an employee through physical gestures or words
  • Harassment, repeating unwanted contact, or behaving in a harassing manner
  • Purposefully disruptive behavior at the workplace
  • Homicide

There are many people who can commit violence towards someone on the job. We may think of customers, and they are certainly a risk, but an employer can harm their own employees, and a worker may hurt another worker. Even domestic violence can occur in the workplace. Workplace violence may include physical threats, verbal harassment, assault, and homicide.

Risks of workplace violence

Anyone on the job faces the possibility of workplace violence. Here are some risk factors:

  • People who work in customer service
  • Handling high-stress situations, like working for a court
  • The medical field, where emotions may run high
  • Individuals that handle a cash drawer or manage money
  • Drivers who may encounter road rage
  • Situations where large amounts of money are involved
  • Working in stressful, high-pressure situations
  • Working off hours, like third shift
  • Isolated working conditions, working where there are not many people around
  • Interacting with people who may be intoxicated
  • Assignment to a high-crime area or an area with known conflict

While there are some risk factors for workplace violence, the truth is that it can happen to anyone. It can happen when you don’t expect it. It can be a single incident, or it can occur repeatedly over time.

Can You Get Compensation As a Victim of Workplace Violence?

If you are the victim of workplace violence, you may deserve financial compensation. The law in Atlanta and throughout Georgia is that you may bring a claim when you are the victim of an intentional assault.

The person who assaults you may be responsible, and there may be other parties liable, too.

What about suing the employer?

In general, an employee cannot sue their employer if they are hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation laws prevent it. However, there is an exception if the employer is responsible for an intentional assault or attack on an employee. Their actions may take the act outside of the workers’ compensation law to give the employee legal recourse if they are hurt.

It may surprise you to hear that there are multiple parties who may be legally liable for an assault at work. The individual may be responsible, as well as the property owner, where the harm occurs.

As your attorney, we explore all opportunities to bring a claim. We look at all parties who may have legal liability and the role they may have played.

Claiming compensation for workplace violence

A workplace violence claim serves two purposes. First, it holds those responsible accountable, including the assailant. In addition, it provides compensation.

Your compensation should reflect how you are harmed by what has occurred. Truly, workplace violence is very interruptive in multiple aspects of your life. You may claim compensation that reflects that.

Each case is unique, but you may claim compensation for:

  • Medical bills, hospital, and nursing care
  • Physical disfigurement and scars
  • Lost income and work opportunities, including benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental health injuries and the cost of treatment
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Property damage
  • Travel to medical appointments, parking fees for treatment, and the like

A case may be eligible for punitive damages. They are an additional penalty for conduct that is willful, wanton, and intentional. An unprovoked assault may be justification for punitive damages. Punitive damages are a possibility in workplace assault claims. Our attorneys can help you take the needed steps to claim them.

Free Consultations – Taking New Cases

We are dedicated to helping victims. Our Atlanta workplace violence attorneys at Moebes Law are proud to help people in Atlanta and the surrounding community. When workplace violence impacts you, our law firm wants to make an impact for you – by representing your legal rights and advocating for justice.

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