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You may receive workers’ compensation for injury and illness resulting from toxic exposure. If you are suffering medical problems from chemical exposure at work, contact our Atlanta toxic exposure lawyers to see what benefits you may receive.

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Lawyers for Toxic Exposure Workers’ Compensation

Most employees work with chemicals to some extent at their work. You may use dangerous chemicals as a routine part of your job. On the other hand, you may have very little exposure. Whatever your situation, there’s a chance that exposure to these substances hurts you.

It may occur in a single incident or slowly over time. You may not know of the harm until years later. Victims may receive workers’ compensation, including paid medical care, replacement income, and permanent disability benefits. The Georgia workers’ compensation program does not require the victim to prove who is at fault for the injury.

Our lawyers for toxic exposure workers’ compensation represent injured victims. We pursue the case when the insurance company doesn’t want to pay fair benefits.

Risks of Environmental Exposures in the Workplace

Environmental exposures can cause a variety of injuries. Examples of medical problems that may qualify for workers’ compensation include:

  • Asthma, other breathing problems, lung disease
  • Cancers, carcinomas, myeloma
  • Skin rashes and irritation, burns
  • Loss of hearing or other senses
  • Headaches, chronic pain
  • Pregnancy complications, birth defects, miscarriage, infertility
  • Brain damage, death

Toxic substances may be present in the air, water, or solid substances. A medical problem may be acute, but workplace exposure problems are often chronic.

If you have a significant medical problem, it’s important to consider whether chemical exposure in your professional environment may be the cause. If it is, you should report the injury to the employer as soon as possible. Then, you may take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits.

Toxic Exposure Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits

To qualify for a workers’ compensation lawsuit, the exposure must be the kind that is not routine in the world. For example, a person cannot receive benefits for the common cold. A person is just as likely to contract the common cold in their daily life as they are at work. The injury must be specific to the work activity and working conditions.

Our lawyers pursue every opportunity for you to receive the benefits that you deserve. Let us help you understand if your case qualifies. Then, we build the evidence on your behalf and take the necessary steps for you to receive your benefits.

Proving Chemical Exposure in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Insurance companies try to minimize workers’ compensation payments in a variety of ways. For chemical exposure claims, they may deny that you were exposed to harmful substances at work. They may try to blame your injuries on other causes.

Our lawyers know that proving toxic exposure may be critical to a successful claim. Some things we do to prove your claim are:

  • Taking advantage of the discovery process to gather information
  • Inspecting storage, chemical use, and the work environment in general
  • Reviewing maintenance and handling records for chemicals
  • Conducting depositions of witnesses
  • Obtaining independent medical examinations
  • Engaging experts to explain scientific information

Exposure claims often have a delay in time. Symptoms can develop days, months, and even years after exposure. Tying your injuries to the exposure is a critical part of receiving your benefits. With Moebes Law representing you, you receive a customized, detailed case plan. By diligently preparing and presenting the evidence, our lawyers work on your behalf to make your case a success.

Benefits for Toxic Exposure Victims in Atlanta

If you are the victim of toxic exposure on the job, you have a workplace injury. Here is what you should know about your rights in the Georgia workers’ compensation system:

  • Benefits do not have to be based on a single event at work. The exposure may occur over a period of time
  • Illness may qualify in addition to acute injury
  • Employer negligence is not a requirement to receive benefits
  • It is important to report the harm to the employer as soon as possible
  • Emergency attention may be received from any care provider, then care must be received from an authorized provider
  • Compensation is not available for willful misconduct like a deliberate violation of employer’s rules
  • It may be a defense if the worker did not follow reasonable instructions and direction from the employer
  • Benefits may include paid medical care to the maximum medical improvement
  • If you disagree with the opinion of your treating physician, there are things you can do to get a second opinion or counter their statements. We can help

Toxic exposure may cause chronic injury. Significant medical care may be required. That should not prevent you from receiving the full benefits that you deserve. However, the insurance company may do whatever they can to avoid paying these benefits, especially when long-term care is required. Our experienced lawyers know what to expect from the insurance company and how to pursue your rights.

Experienced Lawyers for Toxic Exposure in Atlanta Workplaces

Moebes Law specializes in helping injured workers. We have a track record of success in advocating for victims. The workers’ compensation system can be complex. You must file your claim appropriately, request your hearing and present your case to the hearing officer. Our lawyers are prepared to handle everything for you.

We are members of the American Association for Justice, and AVVO rated as a Top Attorney in workers’ compensation. We handle the legal procedure and evidentiary issues that you need to address to get results. With our experience on your side, you can focus on your recovery while we pursue your claim.

Taking New Cases – Free Consultations

So much depends on you getting workers’ compensation benefits. Suffering from toxic exposure in the workplace can be personally and financially devastating. However, claiming your benefits can give you justice, medical care, and financial relief.

The Moebes Law Atlanta toxic exposure lawyers are accepting new cases now. To learn more and start your case, contact us today. Consultations are always free.



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