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Shoulder Injury Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits for shoulder injuries may include medical care, replacement income, disability benefits, and more. In claims involving the shoulder, significant rest is often required.

Don’t let the insurance company unfairly deny or minimize your benefits. You have the right to legal representation. With the experienced team of Atlanta shoulder injury lawyers at Moebes Law on your side, you have a team of professionals working to claim fair benefits on your behalf.

Experienced Legal Representation – Answers to Your Questions

Victims of shoulder injuries need experienced legal representation and answers to their questions. When we meet with shoulder injury victims for the first time, they have important questions about their case. You may wonder:

  • Does workers’ compensation cover shoulder injuries?
  • What if my shoulder injury isn’t visible? How do I prove it?
  • How do I file for workers’ compensation?
  • If I need surgery, is it covered?
  • Resting is part of my doctor’s orders – What if I can’t work?
  • Is working light duty an option? How are my benefits impacted?
  • What are temporary benefits and permanent benefits? What are the differences? Can I receive both types?

The Georgia workers’ compensation system provides benefits to people who suffer on-the-job injuries. A victim does not have to prove that the injury is the fault of the employer.

What workers’ compensation benefits can I receive for a shoulder injury in Georgia?

The Georgia workers’ compensation system provides the following benefits for victims of shoulder injuries:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Evaluations and examinations to determine the severity of the injury and needed treatment
  • Medical care that is fully paid for, including surgery if needed
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Temporary Total Disability payments to replace lost income if the victim cannot work
  • Temporary Partial Disability payments if the victim can work but earns less income
  • Permanent Partial Disability benefits for lasting damages and harms
  • Incidental costs like travel to medical appointments, medical devices, and over-the-counter treatment

Medical care should continue until the victim has reached maximum medical improvement. Shoulder injury victims often require significant rest. When the course of treatment prevents the victim from working, they may receive a portion of their lost income in temporary disability payments. A correct calculation of the wage used to determine the payment amount is extremely important.

Do I have to accept light duty for a shoulder injury?

You must accept reasonable light duty if it is offered. If you do not receive the same pay, you may claim a portion of your decreased wages as a benefit. Refusing to work light duty that falls within your doctor’s restrictions may result in a loss of benefits.

Common Shoulder Injuries That Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

Shoulder injuries that are frequently the subject of workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Dislocations and separations
  • Tendonitis (inflammation of the rotator cuff or biceps)
  • Impingement, pinched tendons
  • Frozen shoulder (thickening of the connective tissue in the joint)
  • Bursitis (typically the result of overuse)
  • Labral tear (cartilage that stabilizes the shoulder joint)

The nature of the injury does not determine whether the victim qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits. The primary question is whether the injury occurred in the course of employment. Then, the injured employee may receive benefits and compensation that are specific to their injuries.

Common Issues in Georgia Shoulder Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our lawyers can help you address common and unique issues that are present in your workers’ compensation claim. Each claim is unique in that the victim receives appropriate benefits for their injuries. Common issues we may help you address include:

  • Filing your claim, requesting hearings and appeals
  • Getting a second opinion if you disagree with your medical care provider
  • Reviewing what disability payments should be and if you are receiving the correct amount
  • Claiming permanent partial disability compensation based on applicable standards
  • Responding to the insurance company if they try to minimize or deny your benefits
  • Gathering the medical evidence necessary to support your claim
  • Understanding your obligations to preserve your right to benefits

Workers’ compensation claims that involve shoulder injuries vary significantly. Some injuries require significant rest with minimal medical intervention. Other cases may require surgery. Whatever the situation, you have the right to the appropriate amount of financial compensation. Our lawyers can evaluate the issues and fight for the benefits that you deserve.

Do chronic, overuse shoulder injuries qualify for workers’ compensation?

Chronic, overuse shoulder injuries may qualify for workers’ compensation. It is especially important to prove the nature of the repetitive work and how it contributed to the injury. Our lawyers ensure you have the medical evidence and experts necessary to prove your right to compensation.

Experienced Representation for Shoulder Injury Victims

The Moebes Law team of lawyers provides experienced representation for shoulder injury victims. We represent workers in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. By focusing on injured employees, we have developed a niche. Our professionals know the tactics that insurance companies use. With our determined representation, you have a team behind you with a track record of success.

Come see why AVVO has given us a “Top Workers’ Compensation Lawyer” designation and 10.0 rating. Our goal is to provide legal solutions and advocacy for work injury victims. Through experience and a customized process for each client, we pursue a targeted strategy to get results for you.

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