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Burn injury victims may receive workers’ compensation. With experienced counsel representing you, you have a professional team pursuing the benefits that you deserve. At Moebes Law, we handle everything needed for your claim. Call or message us to learn about our services and begin your claim.

Workers’ Compensation for Burn Injury Victims

The workplace accounts for a significant share of all burn injuries. As many as 45% of all burn injuries occur at work. (Mian, et al. l. Workplace-related burns, 2011). These victims need access to workers’ compensation benefits.

Available benefits depend on the specific nature of the injury. They may include:

  • Medical care without cost or copays
  • Prescription medication
  • Medical supplies to dress wounds at home
  • Therapy and other measures to regain function
  • Surgeries that remove dead tissue and scarring
  • Disability payments if you are unable to work or if you are earning less than before the injury
  • Permanent partial disability payments
  • Costs of travel to medical care

Many burn injury workers’ compensation claims are medical only. Even if your injuries do not require you to miss work, your medical care should be provided at no cost to you.

Insurance companies may try to downplay your benefits. You may not know if they are saying things that are misleading. Our lawyers can evaluate the benefits that you should receive. We know the necessary steps to claim benefits and what to do if the insurance company tries to deny you. We invite you to contact us for your consultation.

Causes of burns in the workplace

Burns can occur in any workplace. Some of the most frequent causes include:

  • Industrial plant explosions
  • Chemical burns, including acids, drain cleaners, and paint thinner
  • Gasoline fires
  • Electrical explosions, errors, and malfunctions
  • Hot surfaces that cause thermal burns
  • Water and steam causing scalding
  • Radiation, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation
  • Friction burns from repeated contact with an abrasive surface

First, second, and third-degree burns

Burns are categorized by degrees. Third-degree burns are the most serious. They harm the deepest layers of skin. Scars and blisters are likely. Second-degree burns are moderate, and lower layers of skin are impacted. The victim is likely to experience significant pain, and the skin is visibly damaged, including swelling and discoloration. First-degree burns affect the epidermis or outermost layer of skin. (Mayo Clinic, Burns).

If a burn injury occurs in the course of employment and it is serious enough to require medical attention, the victim may receive workers’ compensation benefits. If the injury causes the victim to miss work, they should receive a diagnosis and treatment from a qualified healthcare provider to ensure their access to benefits.

Does Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Cover Burn Injuries?

Yes. A victim may access benefits that may include paid healthcare and replacement income. Burn injuries that are serious enough to need medical treatment are covered by workers’ compensation.

If you have burns from an injury on the job, you have rights under Georgia workers’ compensation laws. You may report your injury and file a claim for benefits. Our experienced Atlanta burn injury lawyers can represent you throughout the process.

Severe burns and catastrophic injury in Georgia workers’ compensation

A severe burn may meet the criteria to be classified as a catastrophic injury. When a case meets the requirements for a catastrophic designation, there are special considerations. The victim may access a rehabilitation supplier to assist in managing medical care. Temporary Total Disability benefits may continue indefinitely.

It is important to work with an experienced lawyer when a burn injury may be classified as catastrophic. We can ensure you receive the correct categorization of your injury and that benefits are appropriately paid.

Burn Injury Lawyers Serving Atlanta

It can be daunting to be the victim of a burn injury at work. You are struggling with your injuries and wondering what to do next. The sooner you work with our legal team, the sooner you have professionals to worry about the legal side so that you can focus on your recovery.

To make your case a success, we follow a customized plan based on our years of experience. Services provided by our law firm include:

  • Representation from lawyers who focus on workers’ compensation claims, including those involving burn injuries
  • Assistance reporting and filing your claim; preparation of documents
  • Understanding of special issues presented when a claim involves burns
  • Transparency with each step so that you know exactly what to expect
  • Preparation of the medical evidence necessary to support the claim
  • Evaluation of your temporary disability payments to make sure you receive the correct amount
  • Answers to your questions and open communication throughout the case
  • Tailored representation to your unique situation
  • Full-service legal services until your case is complete

Experienced Representation for Work-Related Burns

Getting the correct benefits from workers’ compensation isn’t always easy. Especially for a burn victim, the insurance company may try to deny the full extent of needed medical care and rehabilitation. There may be disputes as to the extent of permanent disability and the appropriate payments.

Free Consultations – Taking New Cases

Begin your case today with a free consultation. Learn how we can be your advocates and what you might receive in compensation. See what steps are involved and how we can pursue results for you.

The Moebes Law Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers are taking new cases today. We represent burn injury victims. If you have suffered burns during your employment, we can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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