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The impairment rating that you receive in your Atlanta workers’ compensation case is extremely important. Getting the correct impairment rating is a critical part of getting fairly compensated for your on-the-job injury.

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Our goal is to be the workers’ compensation impairment rating attorney in Atlanta when you need experienced representation.

Ways our legal team can help you include:

  • Preparing you for how to handle medical examinations
  • Evaluating the rating given to you
  • Calculating what your payment should be and determining whether it is accurate
  • Challenging an incorrect rating
  • Presenting you with options including asking to change physicians or seeking additional opinions
  • Representing you at hearings and speaking on your behalf in court
  • Admitting evidence at your hearing and making arguments in your favor

In meeting with new clients for the first time, they are all at different stages of their case. Their injury may have just occurred. Medical examinations may be approaching. They may already have an unfavorable rating, and there is confusion in figuring out what to do next.

Whatever your situation, you need experienced representation. We offer free initial consultations. Learn more and see how Moebes Law can help.

Georgia Impairment Rating Scale

Understanding how impairment ratings work can give you useful general information. Your case may have important details beyond the basic info.

What is the Georgia impairment rating scale for workers’ compensation?

The Georgia impairment rating scale for workers’ compensation is a system to determine how severe a disability is. It is expressed as a percentage of total disability. The percentage is used to calculate how much compensation the injured person receives for the fact that they have a permanent disability from their injuries.

How is permanent impairment used to calculate permanent partial disability?

You may be wondering: how do impairment ratings work?

Three factors determine the injured person’s disability compensation. These are:

  1. The victim’s average weekly wage before the injury
  2. Percentage of disability based on the impairment rating scale
  3. A body part that is injured

Each body part is assigned a number of weeks. The reason for this is to be proportional to the relative severity of the injury. For example, disability in the arm is likely to be more intrusive in life activities than disability in the little toe.

The number of weeks is multiplied by the percentage of disability and the victim’s average weekly wage. If the impairment rating is 10%, for example, the person will get only 10% of what they would get if their impairment rating were 100%.

The amount may be paid in a lump sum or in installments as determined by the employer’s carrier.

If your impairment rating is too low, that means receiving too little in permanent disability payments that you may be entitled to under O.C.G.A. 34-9-263.

Who decides the impairment rating?

The treating physician determines the impairment rating. They rely on the 5th edition of the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

What if I disagree with my impairment rating?

If you disagree with your impairment rating, you may ask for another physician or request a second opinion. You may also get your own evaluation. Previous medical records may be necessary. You have the right to a hearing in your case.

There are things that you can do if you disagree with a determination. How you handle the situation can impact the result of your case. If you disagree with your impairment rating, our attorneys can help you respond effectively.

Attorneys for Impairment Rating Disability in Atlanta

You cannot receive a fair amount of workers’ compensation without the correct impairment rating. You may not have an impairment rating yet. Perhaps you have a rating that you disagree with. Our attorneys can work to get you the rating that you deserve.

Our professionals can help you navigate the preparation of medical evidence, assist with requesting a change in physicians, second opinions, or gathering independent medical documentation. If you receive an unfavorable disability rating, not all is lost. Our experienced team can pursue a course of action to challenge the decision and seek the maximum amount of compensation.

Experienced Atlanta Attorneys for Impairment Ratings

The Moebes Law team specializes in workers’ compensation claims, including the detailed aspects of the impairment rating. Highlights of our law firm include:

  • AVVO-Rated 10.0 “Superb” – Top Attorney Workers’ Compensation
  • Rated by Super Lawyers
  • LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for workers’ compensation
  • Handling all aspects of the legal claim so that you can focus on your recovery
  • Experience in workers’ compensation claims involving disputed impairment ratings
  • Knowledge of detailed medical aspects and how to secure medical documentation
  • Representing you in preparing the case paperwork, requesting hearings, and representing you at the hearing
  • Communication throughout our attorney-client relationship, so you are always informed of your case progress

We are committed to helping you get your life back on track. Our attorneys consider the entire picture and create a custom strategy to pursue your interests.

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