Kelly Williams


Kelly Williams

VA Paralegal

Kelly Williams was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and she began her career right out of high school, becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse and working at Central State Hospital caring for the mentally ill, many of whom were veterans. She finished her education and became a Registered Nurse, where she discovered a new passion working in the emergency room (ER).

As a Registered Nurse, she worked in several different ERs, but wanting to care for veterans, she settled at the Robley Rex VA Medical Center in Louisville, Kentucky until retiring from that location in 2016.

Since retiring, she has worked as Administrator of the Floyd County Women, Infant and Children’s (WIC) program, been a part-time school nurse, and a legal nurse consultant for Harris Federal Law and Spencer Law Firm before coming to Moebes Law to help veterans with VA disability appeals.

When not working, she is a volunteer with the local health department, where she administers Covid 19 vaccines, and she enjoys family time at church activities, being outdoors, swimming, hiking, DIY projects and home improvement.

Her goal is to continue providing service to those who served!



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