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Moebes Law is an Atlanta injury law firm specializing in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and veterans disability cases. The attorneys and staff at Moebes Law offer a free initial consultation and will keep you informed of your case’s progress throughout our attorney-client relationship.

An Interview with Michael Moebes

How did you get started and what was your ultimate goal?

Michael: I started practicing law after I graduated from law school in December of 2003, and I worked with a pretty large firm in Atlanta doing insurance defense, worker’s comp defense specifically, for my first several years. Then I was even in-house with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for a couple of years. So I have a total of five years experience as a lawyer and I actually had a couple years’ experience as a paralegal doing insurance defense and then worker’s comp defense before I started my firm.

I learned the law well and learned who a lot of the good players were in terms of insurance companies and attorneys and then decided to open my own firm in April 6, 2009 representing claimants throughout Atlanta. My primary reason for branching off on my own was because I wanted to work with individuals, instead of businesses and insurance companies, just because I thought it would be more gratifying and more satisfying after practicing on the other side for a while.

What experience can clients hope to have when working with your firm?

Michael: Well when they come to me they’re oftentimes frustrated. They’re scared. All of them, of course, are injured. A lot of times they’ve been told things that may not be necessarily true by the workers compensation insurance adjuster or an employer for whom they’ve worked or they’ve been ignored by an employer or an insurance company in their pursuit of trying to get all the medical care and get the disability benefits they’re supposed to get to support their families while they can’t work.

When they come in, they’re very much in need, and very frustrated. I try to keep my clients well-informed about the laws that affect them in Atlanta and things they need to do. I try to give them advice on finding quality medical care and navigating the worker’s comp system and what their rights are both medically and then in terms of the disability benefits they can get.

I always strive to leave all my clients in a better position than they were when I found them. I always tell them when I am getting to a point where we’re wrapping up their personal injury case, whether it’s a settlement or after a hearing, that I want them to look back on this as not something that we choose to go through but something that they can see some good out of and that they have pleasant memories of working with me.

I’ve been lucky enough to be frequented with letters, emails or even calls sometimes six months, a year or even several years after the case telling me sort of how they’re doing and that things are better and that they appreciate my service, or they’re referring me a friend or neighbor or relative, which is obviously very flattering.

I’ve even been invited to the college graduation of one of my previous clients. Those moments are what really let me know I’m doing something worthwhile.

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