Why should I hire a workers’ comp attorney if my claim is accepted?

I recently spoke to an insurance adjuster regarding a new client I signed up, and she said something I’ve heard from adjusters (and potential clients a few times) many, many times:  “We’re surprised he’s hired an attorney.  His case is accepted!”


I tried to be polite.  I didn’t want to reveal things my client had told me.  So, I kept my response general in nature:  “Well, the insurance company has you as its advocate, along with nurses and lawyers and billions of dollars.  He wants to make sure he has someone looking out for his best interests, too.”

That was the polite answer, but the response I give to a potential client when he asks the “why do I need representation on an accepted claim?” question is a bit more crass in its directness:  “You may think the insurance adjuster, nurse case manager, and HR person are looking out for you now, but at some point in the near or distant future, you won’t feel that way.  They’ll decide you’ve been injured too long and will work to manipulate your medical care and medical providers in order to get them to release you from care and say your injury is no longer from work.  Maybe the Employer will decide it can’t keep your job open any more and fire you.  Perhaps the nurse case manager will tell your doctor you’re a malingerer, even though you’re not.  There are myriad ways in which your claim can head ‘south’ if you continue to trust that the insurance company is looking out for you.  Other ways include offering you a premature (and far too low) settlement when you’re nowhere near finished treating.  I can go on and on.”

While I sometimes tell those who call or email that he or she doesn’t necessarily need representation, this advice is the exception, not the rule.  If you have a workplace injury in Georgia, I strongly encourage consulting (for free!) with my office to see how we can help be your advocate during your recovery from a workplace accident.

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