Category: Choosing a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Should I show up for my Atlanta workers’ compensation hearing without my attorney?

Wondering if you should show up without your attorney for a workers’ comp hearing? Georgia workers’ compensation hearings are frequently postponed.  What if you’ve received a Notice of Hearing in the mail, and the hearing is a day or two away, but you haven’t heard from your workers’ comp attorney?  Do you show up at  … Read more

My workers’ compensation lawyer says I have a deposition this week. Can I just skip it?

Wondering what a workers’ comp deposition is and if you have to go? When you file a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia, more than likely, the defense attorney is going to schedule a deposition. Technically, it’s a question and answer session that’s recorded and is given under oath. Think of it as your opportunity to  … Read more

Why should I hire a workers’ comp attorney if my claim is accepted?

There are many reasons you should hire a workers’ comp attorney even if your claim is accepted. Workers’ compensation is designed to provide wage loss benefits and to cover medical costs for workers who have been injured in the workplace. But just because the workers’ compensation system is in place to help injured workers, don’t  … Read more

Should I talk to a lawyer before taking an insurance adjuster’s settlement offer?

If you’ve been hurt at work and the insurance adjuster has offered you a workers comp settlement you should talk to a lawyer before accepting it. Why you should talk to an attorney The insurer has access to innumerable amounts of data on accidents similar to yours; it has lawyers and experienced adjusters; it can  … Read more

¿Por qué debería contratar a un abogado experto en compensación para trabajadores si mi reclamación fue aceptada?

Hace poco hablé con un experto tasador de seguros tocante a un cliente nuevo, y él me contestó algo que he escuchado de parte de los tasadores muchas, muchas veces (y a través de mis clientes potenciales a veces); “nos sorprende que haya contratado a un abogado. Su caso ha sido aceptado.” Intenté ser cortés.  … Read more

Give that man a cape. Mr. Moebes is a Super Lawyer!

Michael R. Moebes   For the past several years, our founding attorney, Michael Moebes, has been a “Rising Star” designee (for attorneys under 40) by the national organization Super Lawyers, which rates attorneys nominated by their peers.  In 2018, Mr. Moebes has been awarded the Super Lawyer status for workers’ compensation claimants’ attorneys in Georgia.   … Read more