Questions Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney May Ask During Your Consultation

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Your initial consultation with your workers’ compensation attorney is an important opportunity for you to get to know how the claims process works. Prepare some questions for your attorney about issues you would like clarity on and things you are unsure of during your workers’ compensation case consultation. This may help to put your mind at ease as medical bills and other unexpected expenses may be piling up after your workplace injury.

Your initial consultation with a workers’ comp attorney is also an opportunity for your lawyer to familiarize themselves with your case and evaluate your claim. They will try to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your claim during your consultation so that any gaps in evidence can be filled and strategies for warding off disputes can be put in place.

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Questions to Expect at a Consultation With a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Your attorney will require some important information from you to get their investigation underway.

Here are a few questions your attorney may ask you during your initial consultation:

How did the accident happen?

You will need to provide your attorney with a detailed account of exactly how the workplace accident happened and how your injuries were sustained.

Writing a detailed account of how the events unfolded and bringing this to your consultation could be very useful in helping your attorney understand how the accident unfolded.

What did you do after the accident?

Your attorney will want to know what you did immediately after the workplace accident as your actions are likely to be monitored by the insurance company after filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

Any mistakes you make after the accident could lead to your claim being disputed by the insurer and even reduced benefits.

Did you visit a doctor immediately?

Your attorney will want to know if you visited a doctor immediately after the workplace accident. A prompt diagnosis is important as it may help connect your injuries to the accident.

It may also help provide proof that you tried to mitigate your damages. Your medical records can also be used as evidence of your damages.

Have you had to miss work because of your injuries?

Your attorney will want to know if your doctor has booked you off work to rest and recover. In this instance, it is important to follow your doctor’s orders to avoid disputes that suggest your actions caused your injuries to worsen in any way.

If you have missed work due to your injuries or have not been able to work at full capacity, bring your paychecks and bank statements with you to your consultation as this can prove a loss of income and earning capacity.

Have you spoken to anyone from the insurance company?

Let your attorney know if anyone from the insurance company has contacted you for a recorded statement. This recorded statement could be twisted and misrepresented by the insurer to try to dispute your claim.

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