Should I Show Up For My Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Hearing Without My Attorney?

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Wondering if you should show up without your attorney for a workers’ comp hearing? Georgia workers’ compensation hearings are frequently postponed.  What if you’ve received a Notice of Hearing in the mail, and the hearing is a day or two away, but you haven’t heard from your workers’ comp attorney?  Do you show up at the State Board of Workers’ Compensation anyway?


Why would someone show up to a workers’ comp hearing without their lawyer?

When I was a workers’ compensation defense attorney, I used to see the sad saps showing up alone for a hearing their attorneys had agreed to postpone.  I wondered what kind of lawyer would fail to tell his client not to come to court and require said client to drive in Atlanta traffic for an event that would never occur.  “Only a tyrant!” I would think.

But now that I’m a workers’ compensation claimants’ attorney, I realize folks sometimes get scared by the piece of paper saying they have a court date, even if their attorney has told them the court date has been continued.  This is especially true when there is a language barrier.

What should you do if you receive a notice for a workers’ comp hearing?

So for future reference, know this:  if you’re going to court, your attorney will meet with you to prepare (assuming he or she is worth a damn).  Don’t show up for a workers’ compensation hearing without talking to your attorney.  Call.  E-mail.  No answer?  Consider finding another attorney.  But don’t drive to a hearing that’s been postponed.

Do I need a lawyer for a workers comp hearing?

Unless your claim is very minor, you should consider hiring a lawyer. Workers’ compensation claims require a detailed understanding of legal and medical issues and the help of a legal professional will be extremely helpful. Our team has a history of successful workers’ compensation claims and will be happy to guide you through this sometimes frustrating process. If your employer has disputed your claim, or if there are a series of complications that are becoming overwhelming (especially as you are recovering from your injury), a lawyer will be a great asset.

If you have any questions about your workers’ comp hearing in Georgia, feel free to contact us today.



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