What happens after my attorney and I resolve my workers’ comp case?

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One of the benefits of being an Atlanta workers compensation attorney is maintaining a relationship with my clients.

I often like to check in with clients a few weeks, months, or even years after they’ve resolved their case and, hopefully, moved on to new vocations or educational opportunities that their bodies will allow after their accidents at work and the medical care that followed.  I’ve been invited to college graduations for former clients who’ve gone back to school, for example.

Last night, I wrote a client named Jeremy whose case settled just a month or so ago, since I was worried about his family and how he’d provide for them after his back injury.  I knew he’d talked about going back to school and/or finding a new line of work that was less physical.  His simple response was this:

I’m doing great. Got a good family car and paid off our home. All I ever wanted. Thanks man. Thanks for everything.

It made my week. Jeremy and his family will be okay.



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