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I burned myself at work. Can I get workers’ comp benefits in Georgia?

Sometimes people who need the services of an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer don’t have a firm idea about what constitutes an actionable injury, or what injuries are covered. I’d like to begin addressing that. To help educate the people of our community who are seeking information, from time to time I’m going to discuss one of the injuries  … Read more

Chicago workers’ compensation case not so cut and dry for widow seeking restitution

In an interesting case from Illinois, workers’ compensation was found as an exclusive remedy for the widow of a man killed on the job. The term ‘exclusive remedy’ means that any benefits provided under workers’ compensation are the only remedy (or, in simpler language, ‘monetary award’) available to injured employees or, as in this case,  … Read more

If a restaurant employee chokes on the restaurant’s food, is that a workers’ comp claim?

If I said to you, “Off the top of your head, name three workers’ comp-related things that could happen to a waiter in a restaurant,” what might come to mind? A slip and fall, a burn, trauma from a robbery, even. Out of all the negative things that could happen to a restaurant worker in  … Read more

South Carolina limits workers’ compensation benefits for law enforcment

The South Carolina Supreme Court may have forgotten one important detail when they handed down recent decision regarding workers’ comp and police officers: When a police officer has to shoot (and possibly kill) a suspect in the line of duty, he is working. When you work, you are supposed to be entitled to workers’ compensation  … Read more

Proposed changes to workers’ compensation insurance for military contractors could save taxpayers a bundle

“There is absolutely no reason American taxpayers should be lining the pockets of private insurance companies.” That’s the opinion of Representative Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat who is seeking change to current laws for the insuring of civilian military contractors working here in the States and abroad. Cummings is the ranking member of the House  … Read more

What are the benefits of camera technology for the Georgia car accident victim?

The average Georgia citizen may not realize this, but video cameras are quite prevalent around Atlanta.  There are a series of them covering all major highways, and more and more are at major intersections. Most law enforcement personnel now have video and audio recording devices as standard equipment in cruisers, where they are set to  … Read more

If I’m receiving workers’ comp benefits in Georgia, can I still work?

In 2004, Garry McBee injured his right shoulder on the job. At the time, he was working for Blue Ribbon Rentals, Inc. in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. As a result of his injury, he received temporary total disability benefits from October 2004 to March 2006. That seems pretty straightforward, right? It is, until you get to  … Read more

Are workers’ compensation doctors overprescribing pain meds to injured workers?

It’s no new thing that workplace insurers nationwide are having to pay out billions of dollars in workers compensation benefits and reimbursements every year. The largest of those payouts, naturally, go to employees who are catastrophically injured, losing limbs and function in the process. However, those insurers are now finding themselves addressing another large, fast-growing  … Read more

Georgia Workers’ Comp Lawyer Michael Moebes Profiled on

Any successful attorney who has become a sole practitioner in the past few years has likely prefaced his or her “going solo” by regularly reading Carolyn Elefant’s blog, The sharp ones continue to read it to stay abreast of trends in law practice management and marketing. After being profiled in one of her books last year, Michael  … Read more

What are the elements to determining liability where my Georgia car wreck is concerned?

When someone is injured through no fault of their own, both Georgia state and federal laws put forth that there should be some sort of compensation by the responsible party to the injured one(s). Sometimes, though, determining responsibility for a car accident is not simple by applicable legal standards. Before you’re able to receive monetary  … Read more