Atlanta workers’ compensation insurance adjusters are not out to get you.

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Being an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer who defended insurance adjusters for the past five years, I can tell you that your insurance adjuster is not your enemy.  I’ve found that these folks are often overworked and underpaid, but most of them genuinely want to help injured workers who need medical and indemnity benefits, restoring them to work as soon as possible.

Perhaps you’ve heard insurance companies or their employees vilified.  While I don’t always agree with their choices of treating doctors or evaluation of claims’ exposure now that I represent injured workers in Atlanta, I don’t view them as the enemy, either.

Frankly, if you’re interested in resolving your workers’ compensation claim, getting it settled, or getting a change in physician, it’s better to work with–not against–your insurance claims adjuster to the extent you can.  You may think that seeking legal representation will hinder you in this process.  Not true.  Working with a knowledgeable, well-connected Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney will help.  Give me a call for a free case evaluation, and we’ll develop a game plan.



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