Atlanta workers’ comp attorney to speak at National Return to Work Seminar

In order to have an advocate who understands “both sides” of a workers’ compensation claim, working with an attorney who has practiced both insurance defense and claimants’ litigation is the best way to go.  Such qualifications are why the National Return to Work Week organization is interviewing Atlanta workers’ comp attorney Michael Moebes on May 11 regarding legal issues associated with an injured worker’s returning to work.

The interview will address several issues relevant to injured workers, such as:

  • “How will hiring an attorney affect my relationship with my employer?”
  • “Are employers more likely to fire me after my injury, because of the slowing economy?”
  • “When can my employer force me to come back to work after an injury?”  
  • “What if my employer has no light duty to offer?”
  • Feel free to listen in at 3:30pm Eastern time to learn more!

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