Injured workers in Atlanta wonder, “Can I afford a lawyer?”

I frequently meet with injured workers who have concerns over the costs associated with hiring an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney.  Please rest assured that injury lawsuits are taken on a contingency basis, meaning we are not paid unless you are.  Thus, when your case settles or you are awarded workers’ compensation benefits, only then will our firm get paid its 25% fee.

lowresclientpicpedro.jpgSpeaking of a 25% fee, I recently began working with a client whose previous attorney had him signed up for a contingency contract with a 33% fee for his workers’ compensation case.  The maximum allowed amount for a Georgia workers’ comp contingency fee is 25%!  Thus, if you are working with an attorney who charges more than that, please find a new attorney who is familiar with the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act.

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