How does an injured worker in Atlanta choose a doctor?

Injured workers in Georgia should be directed to a panel of physicians immediately after reporting a workplace injury, in accordance with the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act.  In most instances, the panel must contain six doctors or medical facilities from which an injured employee can choose a treating doctor.

Often the piece of paper containing these six medical providers is pink, making it easy to distinguish from other notices that may be on display.  The panel is frequently found near a timeclock, in a breakroom, or in an otherwise centrally-located room or office.

workerscompdoctors.jpgThe functions of the panel of physicians should be explained to all employees shortly after they are hired, so that in the event of an accident at work, the injured worker will know where to go for medical care.

Please feel free to contact me, an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney, with any questions you may have about medical treatment after an injury at work.

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