Atlanta injury attorney interview gets a 5/5 rating from radio audience!

Margaret Spence, who interviewed Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer Michael Moebes for National Return to Work Week today, received a very positive response to the information given regarding issues that arise when helping an injured worker return to employment.  The broadcast will be podcastand embedded here later this week for future reference.

Of particular interest was Moebes’ experience with two combat tours in Iraq and the return-to-work issues veterans may face after a line-of-duty injury that inhibits their ability to return to pre-deployment jobs.  In states like Georgia, where anaggravation of a pre-existing injury is a compensable new injury for purposes of workers’ compensation law, employers may have concerns over rehiring a returning veteran, despite the protections offered the veteran under USERRA.  Certainly, a soldier in such a scenario should not hesitate to consult with a workers’ comp lawyer who has military experience, like Moebes.

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