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Should I show up for my Atlanta workers’ compensation hearing without my attorney?

Wondering if you should show up without your attorney for a workers’ comp hearing? Georgia workers’ compensation hearings are frequently postponed.  What if you’ve received a Notice of Hearing in the mail, and the hearing is a day or two away, but you haven’t heard from your workers’ comp attorney?  Do you show up at  … Read more

Can the workers’ comp defense attorney threaten to have me deported to force a low settlement?

Threatening to have a worker deported for filing workers’ comp is unethical and Georgia’s Court of Appeals has upheld that undocumented workers who are injured on the job can receive workers’ comp benefits. Filing a workers’ comp claim does not trigger deportation Many undocumented workers fear that filing a workers’ comp claim  will result in  … Read more

My workers’ compensation lawyer says I have a deposition this week. Can I just skip it?

Wondering what a workers’ comp deposition is and if you have to go? When you file a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia, more than likely, the defense attorney is going to schedule a deposition. Technically, it’s a question and answer session that’s recorded and is given under oath. Think of it as your opportunity to  … Read more

Can workers’ comp claims investigators use my Facebook feed as evidence?

Workers’ comp insurance companies can and will use your social media posts to protect their assets. If you have been injured at work and have a workers’ comp claim, they may look for posts by or about you that contradict your claim that you have a disability from your work-related accident. Although a legal precedent  … Read more

How should I respond to questions about past injuries and claims in my workers’ comp deposition?

If you file a workers’ compensation hearing request in Georgia, you will almost certainly have your workers’ comp deposition taken by the insurance defense attorney. You may be a bit nervous about sitting in a conference room with a couple of lawyers and a court reporter, but in general, it’s not an event to dread.  … Read more

If my job fires me because I was hurt at work, can I get workers’ comp? What about unemployment?

Can you be fired while on workers’ comp in Georgia? Although an employer in Georgia cannot fire you for filing a workers’ comp claim, they can fire you for any other reason while you are receiving workers’ comp benefits. That said, proving you were fired because of your workplace injury can be difficult, as many  … Read more

My workers’ compensation claim’s hearing was postponed. Is that normal?

It is normal for a workers’ comp hearing to be postponed. Unfortunately, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has a few Administrative Law Judges and many, many Georgia workers’ compensation claims to be heard at each calendar call. In my experience, at least 99% of “first set” hearings are postponed for at least 30  … Read more

¿Puede el abogado de defensa de la compensación para trabajadores amenazarme con la deportación para forzar un arreglo de poca monta?

Imagine this scenario: Una empleada de un asilo para ancianos –vamos a llamarle Juana–se lastima, mientras trabaja, cuando se resbala y se cae en un punto mojado sin señalar en el piso. Juana reporta el incidente inmediatamente a su supervisor y, a continuación, presenta un reclamo para beneficios médicos, beneficios para discapacidad temporal y cualquier  … Read more

How a Workers’ Compensation Adjuster’s Intentional Delays Killed a Man

How many times could a company with a homegrown, wholesome name like Ralph’s Grocery Co. turn a blind eye to the medical needs of an injured employee? According to the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals board, 11 is the lucky number. The trouble began in December 2003, when Charles Romano sustained an injury to his left  … Read more