Workers’ Compensation Litigation

If my job fires me because I was hurt at work, can I get workers’ comp? What about unemployment?

Can you be fired while on workers’ comp in Georgia? Although an employer in Georgia cannot fire you for filing …

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My workers’ compensation claim’s hearing was postponed. Is that normal?

It is normal for a workers’ comp hearing to be postponed. Unfortunately, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has …

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¿Puede el abogado de defensa de la compensación para trabajadores amenazarme con la deportación para forzar un arreglo de poca monta?

Imagine this scenario: Una empleada de un asilo para ancianos –vamos a llamarle Juana–se lastima, mientras trabaja, cuando se resbala …

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How a Workers’ Compensation Adjuster’s Intentional Delays Killed a Man

How many times could a company with a homegrown, wholesome name like Ralph’s Grocery Co. turn a blind eye to …

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When Dealing with Claims Adjusters, Always Read the Fine Print

Here is the story of one man, his company, and a rather unscrupulous claims adjuster. Kevin Miles, the sole owner …

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Can a workers’ comp appellate court reinterpret the facts of my case?

Most of the time, if a case is being heard on appeal, that court is looking for mistakes made in …

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2013’s Top Cases of Workers’ Comp Fraud

Workers’ comp fraud: the phrase conjures images of employees playing hooky and pretending to suffer from crippling injuries sustained at …

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Atlanta Workers’ Comp Lesson Number 1: Check Your Mail

Ready Mix USA can testify that one of the quickest ways to lose a workers’ comp case is to ignore …

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Officials Investigate Daycare Brawl in Atlanta, GA

State officials in Georgia are currently conducting a formal investigation of a shockingly vicious brawl that took place last year …

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Are assessed attorney’s fees awards often affirmed by Georgia higher courts?

Well, yes.  And here’s an example… On October 26, 2010, Martha Ayers was injured on the job. Immediately after the …

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