4 Strategies to Help Strengthen your Workers’ Comp Claim

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A workplace injury can put immense strain on almost every aspect of your life. Not only may you be left unable to work, but your medical bills could also be adding up at a rapid rate, setting you on a one-way road to financial turmoil.

With so much at stake you’re likely willing to do anything you can to help ensure you receive workers’ comp benefits. Although there’s never any way to guarantee your claim will be approved, there are a few actions you can take to help increase your odds of receiving a payout. Read on to learn more about these steps:

1. Notify Your Employer

If your supervisor witnessed the accident, you might not think it’s necessary to notify them of your condition in writing. However, this is an important step you should never skip. Not only will this start a paper trail that can help link your injuries to the incident, but you’ll also ensure that you don’t overshoot the standard 30-day deadline for reporting workplace accidents. Most employers have their own protocols in place for logging on-the-job incidents, so you should make sure you follow these carefully.

2. Visit an Approved Healthcare Provider

Unless you require immediate medical attention, you must make sure you visit a healthcare provider that’s been approved by your employer. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor who isn’t listed by your employer could potentially disqualify you from receiving benefits for your medical bills.

3. Keep a Journal

To obtain benefits, you may need access to many different types of evidence. A journal can be an invaluable asset, giving you a space to compile important documents such as medical records and letters from your employer, in addition to logging daily journal entries detailing your day-to-day limitations, pain levels, medication side-effects, and other aspects of your recovery.

4. Gather Proof

In addition to keeping records of the time you were kept away from your job, you should also gather evidence that could help demonstrate that you were clocked in when you were hurt. For example, you should write down an account of exactly what happened while your memory is still fresh to help preserve this information.

You should also take down the names and contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident, whether it was a colleague or patron. Additionally, taking pictures of your injuries could help connect your condition to the workplace accident and provide additional context for your medical records.

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