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Can the workers’ comp defense attorney threaten to have me deported to force a low settlement?

Threatening to have a worker deported for filing workers’ comp is unethical and Georgia’s Court of Appeals has upheld that undocumented workers who are injured on the job can receive workers’ comp benefits. Filing a workers’ comp claim does not trigger deportation Many undocumented workers fear that filing a workers’ comp claim  will result in  … Read more

Can workers’ comp claims investigators use my Facebook feed as evidence?

Workers’ comp insurance companies can and will use your social media posts to protect their assets. If you have been injured at work and have a workers’ comp claim, they may look for posts by or about you that contradict your claim that you have a disability from your work-related accident. Although a legal precedent  … Read more

The traffic cone by your house might just be a surveillance camera

If you have a workers’ comp claim, you should be aware of some workers comp surveillance tactics used by employers and insurance companies. Will You Be Followed by a Workers’ Comp Investigator? Workers’ comp insurance companies routinely hire private investigators to take video of injured workers. The investigator will follow and videotape the daily activities  … Read more

El cono de tráfico a lado de su casa podría ser una cámara de vigilancia

El artículo que se enlaza aquí promociona una forma relativamente nueva por medio de la cual los ajustadores de seguros espían a los trabajadores lesionados que están recibiendo beneficios de los programas de compensación para trabajadores: esconder una cámara de vigilancia adentro de un cono de tráfico. La cámara es inalámbrica y, por lo tanto, no se ve  … Read more

Public sex act exposes California woman’s miraculously healed workplace injury

While the vast majority of workers’ compensation claims are not fraudulent (in a combined ten years of practicing on both the defense and plaintiffs’ side, I’ve seen exactly zero), some unfortunately are. Of those that are, some are more ridiculous than others or are caught in fairly comical ways. While there are all sorts of ways to be caught out  … Read more

Workers’ compensation claimants think, “I wonder who’s watching me now? The IRS?”

Workers’ compensation clients sometimes call to tell me how strongly they identify with Rockwell, who told us in 1984 that somebody was watching him.  Why is this? Sometimes when an adjuster believes a workers’ comp claimant is being dishonest about how injured he is, the adjuster will hire an investigator to follow the claimant for a day  … Read more