The traffic cone by your house might just be a surveillance camera

The article hyperlinked here advertises a relatively new way that insurance adjusters are having investigators spy on injured workers who receive workers’ compensation benefits:  hiding a camera inside a traffic cone.

The camera is wireless, so you won’t see any wires coming from the cone; it just looks like one of the myriad road work projects (or maybe Georgia Power, or a neighbor who wants to preserve an on-street parking space) going on in the Atlanta area, but it’s actually motion-activated and lets the investigator/adjuster know any time there is movement around your home so that such activity can be monitored.

Generally, if someone leaves trash, or if someone’s yard clippings wash up to my curbside, I toss such in my garbage can, so that an attractive “curb appeal” is maintained.  Similarly, if I see a cone in front of my house and don’t know what entity placed it there–especially if inspection reveals a camera hidden in it–I’ll toss that in my garbage can, too (unless one my children wants it for use in a “fort” in the backyard).

I’ll leave the “what to do with the insurance company’s secret surveillance camera and fake traffic cone” question to you to answer if you see such a setup near your home, but just be aware that you’re always being watched if you’ve had the misfortune to get injured at work.

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