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Attorney Reeves or: How I Learned to Stop Settling and Love the Trial

Tomorrow, I’ll attend a memorial service for Leigh Reeves, the attorney for whom I worked my first several years of practicing …

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Atlanta injury attorney interview gets a 5/5 rating from radio audience!

Margaret Spence, who interviewed Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer Michael Moebes for National Return to Work Week today, received a very positive response to the …

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Atlanta workers’ comp attorney to speak at National Return to Work Seminar

In order to have an advocate who understands “both sides” of a workers’ compensation claim, working with an attorney who …

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Workers’ compensation claimants think, “I wonder who’s watching me now? The IRS?”

Workers’ compensation clients sometimes call to tell me how strongly they identify with Rockwell, who told us in 1984 that somebody was …

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Atlanta workers’ compensation insurance adjusters are not out to get you.

Being an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer who defended insurance adjusters for the past five years, I can tell you that …

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Welcome to Our Law Blog

Welcome to our blog at Moebes Law. We’ll be posting the latest legal news, articles related to our practice areas …

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