Injured Workers in Atlanta Find Their Voice in Mos Def

While an injured worker in Atlanta should absolutely seek assistance from an expert workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, he may also find solace in Mos Def’s newest album, The Ecstatic, which features a track called, “Workers’ Comp.”

To quote a review from, the song speaks “about tough times in life and work, specific to our economic troubles. It shows a search for meaning, love, and survival.”

Certainly, relying on worker’s compensation benefits in Georgia for an extended period of time is not an enviable position, but having a guide in the process will lessen the sensation that it requires “survival.”

In fact, feel free to contact the Atlanta workers’ comp lawyers at Moebes Law if you find that your workers’ comp claim is feeling a bit like “tough times,” and I’ll be glad to provide some guidance on where to get appropriate medical care, what benefits you may be able to get, and the legal issues that may stand in your way of getting these benefits and medical care.

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