Injured Workers in Atlanta : How to Choose an Attorney

1.  I would advise against hiring someone who calls himself “The Switchblade,” “The Hammer,” or any other inanimate object, weapon, etc. as part of his advertising.  This is more likely to incite laughter than it is to bring fear from the opposing counsel.

2.  I would also advise against hiring anyone who offers you “100% or more” of what your case is worth.  While lawyers are rarely lauded for their mathematical skills, understanding the value of 100% is a skill one normally achieves in grade school.  Unless you’re “The Hammer.”

3.  Finally, I would strongly advise against hiring an attorney who is too focused on his other clients to pay attention to your case.  Chances are good that such a barrister will be unable to help you.

If you want to work with an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer, however, turn off the TV and contact Moebes Law.

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