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What’s the difference between acute and overuse workplace injuries to shoulders and knees?

We’ve covered quite a few injuries now in the ongoing series of articles about the kinds of injuries that our practice handles for workers’ compensation clients. Today I’d like to discuss knee and shoulder injuries. Obviously, those joints are crucial to any physical activity, work or otherwise. Simply put, without healthy knees and shoulders, the arms and legs aren’t  … Read more

Isn’t pain level important when evaluating a workers’ compensation claim? One state says “no.”

The North Dakota State Legislature is considering a bill that could dramatically alter how pain and its relation to pre-existing medical conditions are interpreted in future worker’s compensation decisions. House Bill 1163 would amend an existing law, adding language that says pain is only a symptom and not a sign that a pre-existing condition is worsening.  … Read more

Ohio employers win $860 million after overcharged by workers’ compensation insurer

A Cuyahoga County judge has awarded nearly $860 million in restitution to a group of Ohio employers involved in a class-action lawsuit that began in 2007. The suit claimed that the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, which provides worker’s compensation benefits to about two-thirds of Ohio’s workforce, overcharged the more than 270,000 employers for worker’s compensation  … Read more

Back injuries are nothing to mess with….and neither is actress Sharon Stone!

Sharon Stone is apparently in need of sensitivity training and maybe a house manager so that she can be hands-off with the staff. Apparently she doesn’t know when enough’s enough, nor that back problems are legitimate work injuries and can be debilitating long-term if not headed off at the pass. Last month Angelica Castillo, former  … Read more

My mom was shot by her husband at work. Workers’ comp or not?

Julie Tassler was murdered on Christmas Eve in 2008 while on a smoke break from her job at an HSBC processing center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Her husband, after being served divorce papers the night before, found her in her car and shot her before turning the gun on himself. Now the estate of  … Read more

I hurt my back at work and don’t understand what’s wrong with my spine!

Few injuries can have the pervasive effect of a back injury. The pain can be debilitating and invade everything you do. It isn’t until your back is hurt that you realize just how many movements are dependent upon it. By the grace of your back go you. Back injuries are not just incapacitating, they are  … Read more

Injured worker likely eligible for dual compensation for catastrophic injuries

On the eighth of last November, railroad maintenance worker Jose Salazar was just beginning the task of repairing and replacing a section of track that had been displaced in an earlier derailment when he was struck by a piece of rail being moved by co-workers. Salazar, aged 52, suffered a skull fracture, a broken back,  … Read more

Firefighter wins workers’ comp benefits in appeals decision that rocks state

We therefore conclude that the 104-week limitation on temporary total disability benefits violates Florida’s constitutional guarantee that justice will be administered without denial or delay. Those are the words of Florida’s First District Court of Appeals, penned by Judge Brad Thomas in response to an injured firefighter’s appeal regarding his workers’ compensation benefits. In 2009,  … Read more

As 10th Anniversary of deadly fire looms, nightclub owners still owe workers’ comp fine

Ten years ago, excited music fans set out to see a show featuring the band Great White at the Station nightclub in Warwick, Rhode Island. In a horrific turn of events, the club became an inferno where one-hundred people –including a band member and four club employees– lost their lives. In the aftermath of the  … Read more

Does my sprain or strain entitle me to workers’ compensation benefits?

Last year I started a series of posts covering the types of injuries we handle at Moebes Law.  Today we’ll discuss strains and sprains which, while similar in nature, are two very different conditions. They can occur independently of one another or concurrently and are a valid workplace complaint. A sprain is an injury involving a ligament. Ligaments are the  … Read more