What can I expect at my workers’ compensation IME (independent medical examination)?

Recently, a workers’ compensation client of mine whose authorized treating physician ordered surgery went into the doctor’s office for the “pre op,” got mentally and physically ready for the surgery, showed up for the procedure, and then learned that the insurance adjuster had called her doctor’s office to cancel it.  No reason was given; the adjuster just didn’t want to pay for her to get better.

Then, the insurance company ordered an IME:  an “independent” medical examination. The reason “independent” is in quotes is because these evaluations are hardly independent at all, but are usually the insurance company’s attempt to pay for a doctor to write that the injured worker is lying and has nothing wrong with her. However, since the client is receiving TTD (temporary total disability) benefits, she has to attend the appointment.

If your workers’ comp adjuster has sent you notice that you are to attend an IME with a doctor of their choosing, attend the appointment, bring any x-rays, MRIs, and other films you have, and be polite and honest during the evaluation.  Just don’t expect it to bring anything good to your medical health or your claim.

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