Learning from Hockey Players Can Help You in a Car Accident

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Apparently, we can learn a lesson from attaching accelerometers to ice hockey players’ helmets, according to a study conducted at UNC-Chapel Hill and referenced in a fairly recent study in the journal Pediatrics.

Representing injured workers in car accidents throughout Atlanta and Georgia, our firm regularly learns of the dangers inherent in driving on our interstates.  However, there are sometimes ways to mitigate the injuries sustained.

According to the study referenced above, if a would-be motor vehicle accident victim can tense his neck muscles, he may be able to minimize the “whiplash” effect on the head and reduce the likelihood of getting a concussion.

Our office’s Atlanta car accident lawyers work with car accident victims suffering from post concussive syndrome frequently and can often assist not only with legal issues that arise from car wrecks, but also can recommend quality medical practitioners for the treatment needed afterward.  For your brain’s sake, contact Moebes Law, LLC after a serious automobile or trucking accident in Georgia.



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