Coming to a TV station near you: “Workers Comp”

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Two days ago, filming began in Sarasota, Florida on an independent comedy pilot featuring a family-owned insurance company that “handles all kinds of weird claims.”  Morgan Fairchild stars.

One can assume that the rarely-seen outliers of workers’ compensation claims will be staples of this show:  the malingering claimant who doesn’t want to work, the drug-seeking person who hops between doctors in search of narcotics, or the man receiving disability checks while being videotaped spreading concrete every morning before daylight.  Such is the fodder of insurance adjusters’ urban legends.

However, in the hundreds of claims I’ve handled in just the past two years, I’ve yet to see any of these scenarios.  I have, however, seen insurance adjusters stop paying completely disabled workers for no apparent reason, refuse surgery two days before its scheduling (and after agreeing to cover it verbally) to “force a settlement” (his words), and/or lie to their attorneys about why they can’t be available for a deposition.

I don’t watch TV anyway, but even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t watch “Workers’ Comp” when it airs.  If my assumptions about its content are correct, I hope no one else watches it, either.



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