What happens when my workers’ compensation doctor says I’m at MMI (maximum medical improvement) in Georgia?

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In Georgia, your workers’ compensation benefits will not be cut off when you hit MMI (maximum medical improvement). However, even though your workers’ comp medical and income benefits can continue in Georgia after MMI, that might be the point at which settlement of your workers’ comp claim might be possible or advisable.

What is MMI?

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is when your doctor determines that your injury or medical condition will not further improve. In other words, it is the point at which it is believed that no amount of medicine or treatment will allow you to heal further from your injuries. Ideally, MMI would mean you are totally recovered from your injury, but that is not always the case. Some people may reach MMI and still suffer from their injury and may be left with permanent physical restrictions or disabilities.

What happens when I reach MMI?

If you’re healthy and have recovered from your injury, your doctor may release you to unrestricted work and the insurer may suspend your workers’ comp income benefits. Note that if your doctor determines you’re at MMI you are not forced to agree. You might be able to switch doctors and get a second opinion

If you reach MMI and full recovery is determined not to be possible, your doctor will give you a disability rating. Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are compensation for the damage done to a particular body part as determined by GA Code § 34-9-263. Your temporary total disability benefits (TTD), which are the benefits that are paid when you miss more than seven days of work due to your work injury, cannot be stopped just because you’re at MMI.

MMI & Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

In Georgia, it is possible to receive workers’ comp benefits beyond the point at which you reach MMI. If your workers’ compensation doctor has told you you are at maximum medical improvement, and the workers’ comp insurance adjuster has asked you if you’re interested in settling your claim, please contact our experienced Atlanta workers’ comp attorneys to discuss your case and what to look for when settling your claim.



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