Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Lost Wages in Georgia?

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Most people depend on their weekly wages to make ends meet. Even a few days without pay can affect your ability to pay bills and buy necessities. Illnesses and injuries often require time away from work to recover, potentially causing a financial hardship for you and your family.

What if you sustain injuries or become ill while at work? Does your employer have to compensate you? Will workers’ compensation help with your lost wages? Atlanta’s Moebes Law Firm explains more about determining your eligibility to receive Georgia workers’ comp lost wages.

Can You Get Georgia Workers’ Comp Lost Wages Benefits?

State laws require Georgia businesses employing at least three workers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage pays for specific expenses if an employee develops a job-related illness or sustains on-the-job injuries.

If your injury or illness qualifies, covered expenses include medical bills, medications, and rehabilitation. You can also receive some compensation for lost wages. Some conditions apply:

  • If your medical condition prevents you from working for more than seven days, you are eligible to receive temporary disability benefits through your employer’s workers’ comp policy beginning on the eighth day.
  • If you cannot work for at least 21 days, you may obtain compensation for the first seven-day period.

How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Lost Wages in Georgia?

Under the Georgia workers’ comp lost wages structure, you won’t obtain the full amount you would make if you were working. The amount of lost wages you may receive depends on different factors, namely your pre-injury earning capacity and the severity of your disability.

You’ll receive only a percentage of lost wages, 66% or two-thirds, up to the maximum limit specified by Georgia state laws. As of July 1, 2023, the maximum limit for temporary partial disability benefits is $533 weekly, while the weekly cap for temporary total disability is $800.

Workers’ comp lost wages coverage is a form of tax-free disability benefits. Georgia recognizes four levels of disability:

Temporary partial disability

Illnesses and injuries sometimes allow you to return to work before you totally recover but with limitations. You might have to work in a different position or for shorter shifts than usual, earning less than you normally do.

With temporary partial disability benefits from Georgia workers’ comp lost wages, you’ll first subtract the lesser amount you earn during your recovery from the amount of your full, normal wages. You can receive 2/3 of the difference from workers’ comp up to the $533 limit.

If your usual weekly wages are $1,200 and you make only $600 while recuperating, the difference is $600 in lost wages. You are eligible to obtain $400, which is 2/3 of the difference.

Temporary total disability

Some conditions require you not to return to work until you heal fully. You should receive 2/3 of your usual wages up to the $800 cap.

Permanent partial disability

If your partial disability is permanent, you might obtain the same weekly amounts as you did for temporary partial disability. However, these benefits are limited in duration. The length of time you can receive these benefits depends on the affected body part and the extent of the injury.

Permanent total disability

If your work-related injury or illness totally and permanently disables you, you may qualify to receive lifetime payments. Typical weekly payments are 2/3 of your pre-injury wages up to the $800 limit; these are called “catastrophic” claims.

Does Georgia Workers’ Comp Lost Wages Coverage Apply in Fatal Cases?

There were 187 work-related fatalities in Georgia during 2021. Eligible survivors of these unfortunate workers may qualify for compensation from workers’ comp or other legal actions.

Do Workers’ Comp Insurance Companies Pay Fairly?

Employers pay premiums to purchase workers’ comp insurance to protect themselves against liability and to provide employees with benefits if an injury-producing accident occurs on the job.

When you start a new job, your employer’s workers’ comp insurance policy covers you immediately.

If you sustain an injury or contract a job-related illness while working, you expect this coverage to pay the benefits you qualify to receive. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny valid claims.

These providers may dispute your claim by stating that:

  • You didn’t incur your injuries at work.
  • Nobody witnessed your accident.
  • You didn’t seek or accept immediate medical treatment.
  • You didn’t meet deadlines for reporting your injury or filing your workers’ comp claim.
  • Your injury doesn’t qualify because it is pre-existing.

Your illness or injury must directly result from your working conditions or a workplace accident to qualify for benefits, including Georgia workers’ comp lost wages. Some, such as repetitive-motion injuries or respiratory illnesses, develop over time. Insurance companies often challenge these claims because you can’t pinpoint one specific incident. However, you may be entitled to compensation, and an experienced Atlanta workers’ comp attorney can help.

How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help?

You may suspect that your employer isn’t supporting your claim or that the liable insurance company is trying to take advantage of you. You may be uncomfortable handling the potential complications of the workers’ comp claim process. An insurance provider may deny your claim.

Regardless of the reason, Moebes Law can help. We will:

  • Investigate your accident or illness
  • Gather evidence supporting your claim
  • Complete claim-related administrative tasks, including filing your claim
  • Negotiate a favorable settlement offer or take your case to trial if needed
  • Arrange for medical experts to examine you and testify on your behalf

Our goal is to ensure that your claim is as strong as possible so you receive all the benefits you’re due. Whatever it takes, we will fight for your best interests.

Why Choose Moebes Law To Assist With Your Georgia Workers’ Comp Lost Wages Claim?

Atlanta attorney Michael Moebes is a military veteran who, along with his experienced legal team, will fight for your rights. Moebes Law is intimately familiar with the laws surrounding Georgia worker’s comp lost wages claims, and we know how to get favorable results for injured Atlanta workers. Request your free consultation 24/7 by calling (678) 831-6239 or submitting our online request form.



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