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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was injured at work. Now what do I do?
A: Tell a supervisor as soon as possible.  He or she will fill out an accident report or injury. Be sure to get a copy. Next, ask to see a panel doctor. (If you need emergency care, don’t hesitate to go to the E.R.).

Q: What is a panel doctor?
A: A panel doctor is one of the six doctors on the pink sheet of paper in your break room or by the time clock.

Q: What if there is no valid panel?
A: If there is no valid panel, go to a doctor of your choosing. We can help you choose a suitable patient advocate, but don’t wait to seek medical care. This is important not only medically, but because it’s better for your workers’ comp case. Waiting to see a doctor can hurt your chances of receiving compensation.

Q: What if the workers’ compensation insurance company denies my claim?
A: Moebes Law can provide the legal representation you need. We know how to tackle issues such as:

  • The insurance company doesn’t think your injuries are related to your accident at work.
  • The insurance company thinks you’re lying about having an accident at work.
  • The insurance company admits you were hurt, but the adjuster says you can still work.
  • You had a positive drug or alcohol test after a workplace injury.
  • Your injury happened while you were coming or going from your workplace.
  • The insurance company has an investigator filming you, and now your benefits are getting cut off.

Q: What if I am unhappy with my workers’ comp doctor?
A: You have options. Make sure you have a copy of the panel of doctors that was on display the date of your accident. You can request to change physicians from this panel.

Also, the panel may not be valid. Check to make sure all the addresses and phone numbers are correct for the doctors listed. Are there six doctors? There are supposed to be. Are any of the doctors associated with one another? Are more than two of them industrial clinics? Is it missing an orthopedic surgeon? A “yes” to one of these three questions may also invalidate a panel, meaning you can choose your own doctor for your accepted workers’ compensation claim in Georgia.

If the panel is valid, and you’re getting disability benefits, you may also request an independent medical exam (IME) at the insurance company’s expense. The request needs to be within 120 days of the receipt of your last disability benefit check, and the doctor needs to be within your state (or within 50 miles of your home if you want a doctor in another state). Just give written notice of your wish to use this “one time” option for an IME.

Q: How much does an attorney cost?
A: Our firm offers free consultations to potential clients. Not all injury claims need to be litigated, and we sometimes offer potential clients some pointers on the law and tell them they don’t need an attorney.

However, if you would like to work with our firm for your accident or injury claim, your out-of-pocket costs are zero. Our firm only gets paid if you do. Contact Moebes Law.