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Will Workers’ Comp Cover Pain and Suffering after an Accident?

Will Workers’ Comp Cover Pain and Suffering after an Accident?

Suffering serious injury at work can be a painful experience that can not only affect you physically, but also take …

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4 Strategies to Help Strengthen your Workers' Comp Claim

4 Strategies to Help Strengthen your Workers’ Comp Claim

A workplace injury can put immense strain on almost every aspect of your life. Not only may you be left …

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4 Steps You Need To Take After Suffering An Injury At Work

Getting injured at work can put your life and livelihood in immediate danger. Left to sit at home to watch …

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Aggravated an old work injury in Georgia? You may still have a case!

Georgia workers’ comp law considers your old work injuries and their propensity to “flare up” or “aggravate” months, or even …

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What if my physical injury at work is causing anxiety and depression?

Workers’ comp may cover depression after a physical workplace injury. Suffering a physical injury at work can be life-changing and …

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What can I do if the workers’ comp insurer denies a medical referral from my doctor?

What happens if workers’ comp denies your medical referral? Sometimes, for no apparent reason, a workers’ compensation insurance company will …

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If I’m a healthcare professional and hurt my back at work, do I have more say in my medical care?

All employees in the healthcare industry are entitled to workers’ comp. Healthcare workers, including nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants and …

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If Injured on the Job in Georgia, How do I Give Notice to my Employer?

If you get hurt at work you should give notice to your employer as soon as possible. If you wait …

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What should I do if I sustain an injury at my job in Georgia?

Wondering what to do if you get hurt at work? If you have never experienced an on-the-job injury before, you …

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Frequently asked questions about Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

What is workers’ comp and are you qualified to file for it? These are among the most frequently asked questions …

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