Aggravated an old work injury in Georgia? You may still have a case!

Georgia workers’ compensation law contemplates past injuries and their propensity to “flare up” or “aggravate” months, or even years, after an injury when an employee continues working.  Oftentimes when I’m consulting with an injured worker in Atlanta, he will be concerned that the pain he’s feeling while working will not be a compensable workers’ compensation injury, because he has had previous pain of a similar nature in years past.  This scenario often arises with backs, knees, carpal tunnel syndrome, or shoulders.

attorney moebes and client.jpgThe good news is that your aggravation of a previous injury may very well be compensable.   Georgia workers’ compensation law recognizes that workers often reinjure themselves when they continue to work, even after a successful surgery and rehabilitation.  If you have questions about whether or not the pain you’re feeling while working qualifies as a new workers’ compensation injury under Georgia law, please feel free to contact me, an Atlanta workers’ compensation expert.


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