How much does workers’ comp in Georgia pay for scarring?

I have a couple current clients who suffered severe burns as part of their injuries at work.  One has 4th degree burns after being run over by a taxi cab (from the continued rotating tire against her skin); the other has 3rd degree burns after a boiling water mishap in the company kitchen.  Both, as you can imagine, had excruciating pain.  Both have had skin grafts and will have permanent scarring.  Sadly, neither the pain nor the scarring will directly increase the value of their workers’ compensation claims.

I’m fairly certain no state allows for payment of pain and suffering damages in a workers’ comp claim, as such would, in part, defeat the purpose of limiting tort liability and exposure to employers if such damages were allowed.  Naturally, Georgia is no different.

Regarding disfigurement and scarring, however, states vary, but Georgia is one of the few states that does not allow recovery for scarring/disfigurement as part of a permanent partial disability (PPD) rating.  O.C.G.A. 34-9-263 (and Board Rule 263) is the relevant statute addressing PPD benefits.  As far as Georgia case law goes, the case styled Nowell v. Stone Mtn. Scenic R.R., 150 Ga.App. 325 (1979) expressly held that our state does not allow workers’ compensation benefits for nondisability producing disfigurement (emphasis added).

Thus, the answer to the question posed above is zero.

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