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More about criminal law in Georgia

Okay, in an earlier post I was discussing the differences and similarities between types of law. I briefly outlined civil case procedure and was highlighting the basics of criminal cases. We left off at burden of proof, wherein a Plaintiff is responsible for proving a Defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt through the introduction of evidence into  … Read more

“The Compulator” app is now available for Android phones

Atlanta injury attorney Michael Moebes has released the well-received Compulator app for Google Android phones this week. Previously, the litigation tool was only available for iPhones and iPads. You can download the ‘Droid version of the Compulator app here. Features include a date calculator that figures the number of weeks between dates; this assists in totaling past due workers’  … Read more

Moebes recognized by Avvo as top Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer is a website that provides a forum for laypersons to ask questions that qualified  attorneys can answer.  The site also has a rating system based on factors such as experience, expertise, speaking and writing engagements, peer reviews, client reviews, etc.  The highest rating an attorney can receive is a 10.0, and this rating has been  … Read more

What are the differences between Georgia Injury Law, Criminal Law, and Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law?

The law is intimidating and confusing to most normal people (but not me, because I’m exceedingly brilliant). Because I am mostly an awesome guy, I like to help others. Because I love the law, I want you fine people to be as familiar with and comfortable with it as possible. That’s a big part of  … Read more

I slipped! I fell! Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Our Atlanta law office recently got a phone call like this: Him:  “I just busted my ass at the hardware store!” Me:  “You brought your donkey to the hardware store?  Are you Amish?” So you’ve slipped, you’ve fallen, and you’ve gotten up only to find yourself in a bad situation physically. Sometimes mere accidents turn into something  … Read more

Overhaul the Georgia Workers’ Compensation system? No, no, no. No.

There was much talk last year of overhauling the Georgia workers’ compensation system. Some interests planned (and perhaps still plan) to ask the Legislature to further regulate medical treatment under the Georgia worker’s comp system by imposing medical treatment guideline regulations. This is a bad idea for many reasons, but I want to discuss of a few  … Read more

My workers’ comp doctor has suggested fusion surgery. Can this be risky?

Dr. Aria Sabit is a 36-year-old neurosurgeon who had the benefit of a seven-year residency, the final year of which he spent as a chief resident. He also currently has 17 malpractice lawsuits against him; all the suits deal with surgeries Sabit performed in exactly as many months from the middle of 2009 to the end  … Read more

Moebes named top Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Michael Moebes of Moebes Law, LLC has been named to the Georgia Rising Stars list as one of the top up-and-coming attorneys in Georgia for 2012. Each year, no more than 2.5% of the lawyers in the state receive this honor. The selection for this respected list is made by the research team at Super Lawyers. Super Lawyers, a Thomson  … Read more