“The Compulator” app is now available for Android phones

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Atlanta injury attorney Michael Moebes has released the well-received Compulator app for Google Android phones this week. Previously, the litigation tool was only available for iPhones and iPads.

You can download the ‘Droid version of the Compulator app here.

Features include a date calculator that figures the number of weeks between dates; this assists in totaling past due workers’ compensation disability benefits or future disability exposure for 350 or 400 week cases.

There’s a present value calculator function for tallying the present value of a lump sum settlement covering several years of future earnings.

A life expectancy calculator uses the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) data to analyze remaining life expectancy based on age and gender.

For mediations, the settlement worksheet feature allows clients and attorneys to get a “net to the client” figure after costs and contingency fees.

The mediation tracker feature shows midpoints between dollar amounts offered and demanded; then it tracks and charts the upward (or downward) progression of these midpoints.

Look for The Compulator by Moebes Law at the Google marketplace today!



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