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What should I look for in my Georgia auto insurance policy BEFORE I get into a car wreck?

Most people don’t consider their automobile insurance often, and some don’t have a good understanding of what their policies cover or mean. I want you to think about taking the time to review your own coverage so that if an accident should arise, you are well-informed and secure in the knowledge that you have what  … Read more

The “Choosing Wisely” Initiative and Medical Testing

The Choosing Wisely® initiative is a recent partnership between the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation) and Consumer Reports whose aim is to help encourage “physicians, patients and other health care stakeholders to think and talk about medical tests and procedures that may be unnecessary, and in some instances can cause harm.” A comprehensive (and sometimes  … Read more

Proposed Changes to Medicare Set-Asides Affect Workers’ Compensation Settlements

The meeting of the 111th Congress was the one that saw Medicare Secondary Payer bill H.R. 2641 flop over and twitch.  The 110th saw that happen to H.R. 2549 also, and H.R. 5309 went the same way during the 109th. In case you don’t recall this particular bill in all its iterations, it addressed Medicare Set-Asides (“MSAs”) for  … Read more

Connecticut woman fights back against overzealous workers’ compensation investigators

You might expect investigators to be vigilant when checking up on the activities of workers whose workers’ compensation case they are administering.  What you wouldn’t expect is that they would be so vigilant as to incite the family of an injured worker to file a lawsuit against them. That’s what happened recently in Connecticut. A woman  … Read more

Georgia’s cracking down on businesses who shuck their duty to provide workers’ compensation coverage for employees.

The state of Georgia requires most employers with three or more full-time, part-time or seasonal employees to offer workers’ comp benefits. Any business found in non-compliance with coverage requirements faces civil penalties of up to $5,000 per violation as well as possible prison time. Some companies in Georgia seem to think that workers’ compensation insurance  … Read more

Do workers stand to lose if employers are allowed to opt out of workers’ comp?

Workers’ compensation reform hasn’t just been a hot button issue here in Georgia. Other states are wrestling with change in their state systems, as well. One of the most current examples of this is the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State Senate approved a bill last week that would allow companies to self-insure or have alternative coverage in  … Read more

Could injuring myself while fornicating on a business trip mean I get workers’ comp benefits?

Successfully proving that an injury during an after-hours tryst on a business trip arose out of and in the course of your employment (provided your vocation is one that is legal) is unlikely under Georgia workers’ compensation law.  But Australia is quite different in this regard.  And because I want my readers to be sophisticated in  … Read more

I live in Georgia and got in a car wreck. How do I get the other guy’s insurance to pay for my car?

Lots of folks don’t know how to proceed after they’ve been in an auto accident. Insurance companies for the other party can be intimidating, and the paperwork involved may overwhelm someone who has never had any experience with a car wreck.  One of people’s biggest worries is how to go about getting their car fixed after  … Read more