What are some critical additional coverages needed for my Georgia auto policy?

In my last post about car wrecks and car insurance in Georgia, I walked you through an automobile insurance policy and …

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What should I look for in my Georgia auto insurance policy BEFORE I get into a car wreck?

Most people don’t consider their automobile insurance often, and some don’t have a good understanding of what their policies cover …

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The “Choosing Wisely” Initiative and Medical Testing

The Choosing Wisely® initiative is a recent partnership between the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation) and Consumer Reports whose aim …

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Proposed Changes to Medicare Set-Asides Affect Workers’ Compensation Settlements

The meeting of the 111th Congress was the one that saw Medicare Secondary Payer bill H.R. 2641 flop over and twitch.  The …

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Connecticut woman fights back against overzealous workers’ compensation investigators

You might expect investigators to be vigilant when checking up on the activities of workers whose workers’ compensation case they …

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Georgia’s cracking down on businesses who shuck their duty to provide workers’ compensation coverage for employees.

The state of Georgia requires most employers with three or more full-time, part-time or seasonal employees to offer workers’ comp …

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Workers’ compensation fraud can be fun! Until it’s not.

Listen. It’s perfectly okay to have the impulse to beat someone into a human stew. It’s perfectly okay to act …

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Do workers stand to lose if employers are allowed to opt out of workers’ comp?

Workers’ compensation reform hasn’t just been a hot button issue here in Georgia. Other states are wrestling with change in their …

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Could injuring myself while fornicating on a business trip mean I get workers’ comp benefits?

Successfully proving that an injury during an after-hours tryst on a business trip arose out of and in the course …

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Help! I’m going to court about my Atlanta car wreck. What do I do?

In my last post about auto accidents in Georgia, I gave you information on how to get started on seeking reimbursement …

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