Google’s “driverless” car is safer and less accident-prone than you are!

Several movies have depicted a driverless car as an everyday convenience that we’ll experience in the future. Remember Johnny Cab …

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Chicago workers’ compensation case not so cut and dry for widow seeking restitution

In an interesting case from Illinois, workers’ compensation was found as an exclusive remedy for the widow of a man …

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If a restaurant employee chokes on the restaurant’s food, is that a workers’ comp claim?

If I said to you, “Off the top of your head, name three workers’ comp-related things that could happen to …

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South Carolina limits workers’ compensation benefits for law enforcment

The South Carolina Supreme Court may have forgotten one important detail when they handed down recent decision regarding workers’ comp …

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Proposed changes to workers’ compensation insurance for military contractors could save taxpayers a bundle

“There is absolutely no reason American taxpayers should be lining the pockets of private insurance companies.” That’s the opinion of …

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What are the benefits of camera technology for the Georgia car accident victim?

The average Georgia citizen may not realize this, but video cameras are quite prevalent around Atlanta.  There are a series …

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If I’m receiving workers’ comp benefits in Georgia, can I still work?

In 2004, Garry McBee injured his right shoulder on the job. At the time, he was working for Blue Ribbon …

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Are workers’ compensation doctors overprescribing pain meds to injured workers?

It’s no new thing that workplace insurers nationwide are having to pay out billions of dollars in workers compensation benefits …

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Georgia Workers’ Comp Lawyer Michael Moebes Profiled on MyShingle.com

Any successful attorney who has become a sole practitioner in the past few years has likely prefaced his or her …

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What are the elements to determining liability where my Georgia car wreck is concerned?

When someone is injured through no fault of their own, both Georgia state and federal laws put forth that there …

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