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How Can a Workers’ Comp Attorney Assist with My Case?

We depend on our jobs to make ends meet, so when a workplace accident leaves us seriously injured and unable …

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If I’m a healthcare professional and hurt my back at work, do I have more say in my medical care?

All employees in the healthcare industry are entitled to workers’ comp. Healthcare workers, including nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants and …

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Judge orders former Atlanta Falcons players to seek Georgia workers’ comp benefits

Back in March of this year, the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL brought suit against several former football players in …

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New WCRI study shows some services underutilized by workers’ comp doctors

According to the just-released results of a study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, nearly one in twelve workers injured on …

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Georgia Supreme Court busts tie in Court of Appeals case

The Georgia Supreme Court recently weighed in on a tied Court of Appeals workers’ compensation case, and their findings could …

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Georgia Governor announces plan for teen driving commission

National studies show that people between the ages of 15 and 19 are the the highest risk group of all …

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If you’re sued after your Georgia car accident, you should know these 6 things.

A few years ago a woman I know was in a pretty rough car accident. Two days after she had …

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One way evolving technology keeps up with injured workers’ needs

More and more we are hearing the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” If you have a need, you are …

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Progressive Insurance refuses to pay a dead girl’s claim and sets off a social media firestorm

Never has it been clearer that people are fed up with the lack of humanity in big business than it …

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What information am I supposed to collect and give away after a car wreck?

Many new drivers of my generation were taught that, where automobile accidents are concerned, you keep your mouth shut, answering …

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