Help for Injuries

How can I deal with chronic pain after my accident without drugs?

Most of our clients are in extreme (and often chronic) pain and would prefer not to get addicted to narcotic …

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Is back pain an inevitable part of being American? Let’s hope not.

I heard a story on NPR recently about posture, the “J” shaped spine vs. the “S” shaped spine, and indigenous …

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What should I do immediately after getting hurt on the job?

A vlog about how to proceed after a workplace injury.

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Elevator Injuries Result in Catastrophic Injuries and Fatalities

Elevator accidents may sound like random events scripted in Hollywood action films, but the startling reality is many people are …

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What Should I Do If I Injure My Back Over the Holidays?

Tips for Dealing with Holiday-Related Back Injuries  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 50,000 people …

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In the wake of school shooting, Connecticut legislator seeks to expand workers’ comp benefits for first responders

Last month, a horrific scene met first responders at an elementary school in a sleepy Connecticut town. In the wake …

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Judge orders former Atlanta Falcons players to seek Georgia workers’ comp benefits

Back in March of this year, the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL brought suit against several former football players in …

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How can I manage the back pain I have from my injury at work?

Most of the workers’ compensation claims our Georgia practice handles includes back injuries and back pain from related injuries. Back …

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How do I deal with the pain my workers’ compensation injury has caused me?

A common denominator found in the hundreds of clients our firm has helped over the past couple of years is …

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What can I expect at my workers’ compensation IME (independent medical examination)?

Recently, a workers’ compensation client of mine whose authorized treating physician ordered surgery went into the doctor’s office for the “pre op,” …

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