How do I deal with the pain my workers’ compensation injury has caused me?

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A common denominator found in the hundreds of clients our firm has helped over the past couple of years is pain: physical, mental, emotional, etc. The most pronounced and debilitating of these, however, is usually physical. Most clients have prescribed medications from their workers’ compensation doctors, but they don’t want to get too reliant on narcotic medications, or they worry about losing their ability to think clearly and stay otherwise healthy.

The longer one stays in pain, the more the injured worker seems to be unable to focus on anything other than his pain. As if he is imprisoned, he can focus only on the “here” and “now” instead of maintaining perspective that includes past happiness and comfort or extended family and friendships.

How can this be minimized?


Do for others. While physical restrictions are obviously going to limit one’s ability to add that playroom onto your brother-in-law’s ranch house, coming up with simple ways to help others will take one’s focus off his own misery and frustration.


Examples could include giving a neighbor a ride somewhere if you’re able to drive. You could bring dinner to a relative who’s just left the hospital. You may offer to watch some friends’ children so that they can enjoy an evening out.

In short, focus on others to temporarily forget the pain you feel. Do that often enough, and you’ll start counting your blessings instead of your troubles. Contact our Atlanta workers compensation attorneys.



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