What happens when my workers’ compensation doctor says I’m at MMI (maximum medical improvement) in Georgia?

Unlike Florida and a few other states, in Georgia, your workers’ compensation indemnity benefits will not be cut off when you hit MMI (maximum medical improvement).

stethoscope.jpgYour authorized treating physician (ATP) may issue an impairment rating if you have a percentage of permanent partial disability (called a PPD rating) that will be paid based on the percentage the doctor assigns, the body part(s) affected, and your workers’ compensation rate, but your TTD benefits can’t be stopped just because you’re at MMI.

If your workers’ compensation doctor has told you you are at maximum medical improvement, and the workers’ comp insurance adjuster has asked you if you’re interested in settling your claim, please contact an experienced Atlanta workers’ comp attorney to discuss your case’s exposure and what to “look for” when settling your claim.

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