If I’m an injured worker on workers’ compensation disability benefits, when will my payments run out?

If your workers’ compensation claim has been accepted, and you’re getting disability payments while you treat with a workers’ comp doctor and can’t work, the maximum amount of time you can receive temporary total disability (TTD) benefits is 400 weeks (about 7.5 years), unless your claim is deemed to be “catastrophic,” meaning you are unlikely to ever work again.

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The longest you can be on temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits is 350 weeks. Of course, TPD benefits are paid if you’re on light duty restrictions from your authorized treating physician (ATP) and are working light duty at a lower wage than what you made before your workplace injury.

If your employer cannot (or will not) offer light duty, but you are on light duty restrictions from your treating doctor, the workers’ comp insurance adjuster may file a WC-104 to drop your benefits to a 350-week cap if you’re on light duty restrictions but aren’t working for 52 straight weeks or 72 aggregate weeks.

Seem confusing? It can be to a novice, but feel free to contact the Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney, and an expert on Georgia workers’ comp law will be glad to assist you!

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