What are some good ways I can totally screw up my workers’ comp case?

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Avoid these workers’ comp mistakes so you don’t screw up your workers’ comp case and potentially lose your benefits. Although workers’ compensation benefits may seem untouchable when they begin to flow in for the first few weeks, it is important to consult with a Atlanta workers compensation lawyer to make certain that as an injured individual, incapable of working, you are taking all steps necessary to keep your checks coming while you recover. In order for the checks to keep coming, make sure to abide by these few necessary suggestions (or, ignore them if you want to totally screw up your case):

  1. Do not go work for another employer while you are receiving checks from your old employer. After a workplace injury, your income may decrease and you may be tempted to take a second job. Even if the new job requires little (or no) physical work, according to the law, taking it while on Temporary Total Disability benefits (TTD) is not permitted. If you had a second job before your injury and it is not as physically demanding as your primary job, you might be able to continue working that job. However, it may cause your workers’ comp benefits to be adjusted since you are able to perform some type of work. If your injuries prevent you from working both jobs, your workers’ comp benefits will calculate both of your incomes to determine your TTD benefit amount. 
  2. Do not make things difficult for your employer or your authorized medical physician, because this can compromise your benefits. This is not to say that you must agree to every recommendation for medical treatment, including surgery, given by your doctor. However, you must abide by the workers’ compensation laws when consulting with either of them. Keep in mind, if you don’t feel you’re getting the level of medical care you need, you may be able to change doctors or get a second opinion.
  3. Always make sure to apply for your workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible, so that you do not lose your entitlement to benefits. In the state of Georgia, if you do not apply for benefits within a year of your accident, you will lose your right to benefits.  Also, give notice to your employer of the injury within 30 days! 

These are not the only workers’ comp mistakes you could make to lose your right to Temporary Total Disability benefits, but hopefully these few tips will give you some idea of how to keep your claim alive while you heal from your injuries! Questions? Contact our law offices to speak to a knowledgeable Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer at 404-354-5432.



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